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TheOppressedPeople-new blog!

Please visit my blog, There is so much to do in such a short amount of time. We need to act NOW! Please bring your ideas and suggestions to the table, so that we can create a solution instead of continuing to be part of the problem!

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The Crisis of Civilization documentary trailer

The Institute for Policy Research and Dead Dean Films Present

“The human crisis is always a crisis of understanding: what we genuinely understand we can do." - Raymond Williams

Watch the trailer here:

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Environment verses Capitalism or extinction = change the paradigm

I want to thank Chris Martenson for his work on "What should I do" series, on Resilence. Since most of us already agree on how we got here and why. Making a way to prepare for whats coming.  I came across this TED video and thought I might share it.


The Martenson Insider - February 27, 2010

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The corruption of capitalism

Richard Duncan has a new book. He tells how we went wrong and more amazing on how we might get out. In this interview you will get a taste of the three course meal. Well done. Jon

Mission: Building understanding so that effective solutions can be created and promoted.

Build understanding, encourage small actions, then align with solutions.

Many people have asked us, "Where are the large-scale solutions to all the problems you have described?" and "What should we do as a nation to avoid the seemingly inevitable consequences of this fiat money system?"

We believe that we must reach a critical mass of individuals and ensure that they have an understanding of the ideas presented in the Crash Course, before any national or global solutions will even be possible.

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I watched "The Crash Course" with interest and especially considering Chris's optimistic attitude, expected a number of possible solutions in the last chapters. Well here's mine.

I would like to see other solutions posted, and mine criticized.

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The Transition Handbook - From oil dependency to local resilience

"If your town is not yet a Transition Town, here is the guidance for making it one.  We have little time, and much to accomplish." - Richard Heinberg, author of Peak Everything in his foreward to The Transition Handbook