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The Pope's Speech to Congress, Sept. 24

Here's the transcript of Pope Francis's remark to Congress.

Powerful stuff!


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Fiscal Conniptions

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An Open versus Closed Civilization

Here's a video series I recently created that might be of interest to the CM community:

The Supreme Ordeal, an Open vs. Closed Civilization, is a three-act presentation describing the closed, dominator civilization that we've been living under for many millennia, the open and free civilization that's being born, and the converging crisis that's bringing about the transition.



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Multi-National Corporations

Corporations are amoral. Patriotism is considered a moral trait by some, immoral by others, but not amoral.

Is it a misnomer to label a corporation, "a US multi-national" company?

Montana is challenging Citizens United because of it's history with outside mining money in their State/Local elections.

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Kim Jong II dead?

Just saw the news that North Korean leader Kim Jong II is dead at 69.  Should make for an interesting news day tomorrow.


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Where are the three men who brought down Wall Streeat?

Where are the three men who brought down Wall Street???
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The value of your vote

Just over 12 months until a major election.  The political circus has come to every living room, the republican debates are in high gear, everything in the news comes with a generous topping of flavored partisan pandering.  Forums and blogs are abuzz with opinion and personal debates, full of energy and conviction, and often overflowing with disagreement and anger.  You would think this election process and the fervent months ahead are the stuff of which our forefathers would be proud of... but are they?

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2011 USA elections - do any candidates get the 3 E's? At all?

Hold onto your hats, we are coming into the American election cycle. To that end, I want to ask if you know of any candidates that seem to get the 3 E's--local, state, or national--to any degree. If so, I hope some of these people are not only electable but elected. We need all the clear-thinking leadership we can get.

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http://www.americanselect.org/ - internet primaries

Over one million people are registered.

What if there were a better way to choose our president? Americans Elect is harnessing the power of the Internet to ask every single voter one simple question: who would you nominate in 2012?

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Will They Ever Get It?

This is sort of a free thought post.  I am watching CNN right now and they are talking about what Anthony Weiner is going to do with his political Warchest and a fight by people wanting to get into the Orlando trial.  Greece is falling apart and could start a domino affect unless that post about our Fed giving most of QE2 to European Banks to prop them up is correct.  Here's the fight on there again.  Gee.  Does anyone in power talk about the serious problems we have or do we wait until it all slaps us in the face?  Sometimes I have a hard time believing that I