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Peter Schiff nails it

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Debunking Money - Video

Debunking Money - Video

Great videos explaing how money works in a very low tech way.

If anyones how to post videos please let me know. My lizard brain can't figure it out.

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Laying out the facts rather than debating theories about money

Thought I'd share the 1st video in a series that will eventually have about 10 volumes discussing money.  For those who understand the monetary system, this one will probably seem too simplified, and therefore potentially misleading because it leaves out a lot of details.  But this is baby steps to overcome all the disinfo.

The goal of this one is to layout a mental framework for people to use when considering that the monetary system is 1) debt-based and 2) privately held, and then discuss the power dynamics that come from it.

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fiat money is like nitrogen in plant kingdom


While I was working on the new greenhouse I am building I was thinking about the type of money we have created today and I was trying to think of something in nature that I could compair it to that might be simular in effect. First of all I realized it's not always good for things to flow fast in nature, often that leads to waste, lost, & pollution.

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Read This or go Broke....

Mark Joyner has just published a new course titled "The Simple Science of ReAL Money" 
I think it would be of great benefit to people who have taken the Crash Course.  It gives some
big picture ideas around money.   It starts:

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You can't regulate pirates

This thread was inspired by reading many threads on the economy and money creation.  In This Time Is Different, Reinhart and Rogoff make a strong case that all systems that have been tried eventually self-destructed.  I have observed repeatedly in my life that a system is only as good as the people who run it.  There is no mechanical design that will solve this problem as long as powerful people have the capacity to subvert it to their advantage.  Here is a quick sketch of some of the issues that brought us to our present state and frustrate ideas for improvemen

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Welfare and warfare

Most people in America associate the Democratic Party with spending on welfare programs and the Republican Party with spending on warfare. Until reading Niall Ferguson’s brilliant The Ascent of Money, I never realized that welfare and warfare have gone hand in hand for over a century. The immortal German warmonger Otto von Bismarck was the first politician to introduce social insurance legislation in the 1880s. His reasoning was not strictly humanitarian.


The Martenson Insider - July 15, 2010

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Tax payer money down the hole of black ops!

Where does our own president stand on whats being done in black ops programs. How many trillions are being spent and not used for anything. How much technology has been surpressed that could help business improve bottom line, like the airlines. This video will shock you bigtime! The history is presented here. Should frighten everyone as to what is going on in this country that even the president doesn't know.

Michael Schratt exposes where tax funds are being used for. Jon

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Interest payment is not the problem

The concern about the repayment of debt interest is actually based on a confusion of stocks and flows of money. The money issued in a loan contract is a stock, which can support a theoretically unlimited flow of transactions, including interest payments, over time.