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*Market Analysis*

The overdue Wile E. Coyote sell off is getting closer. It’s taken longer than expected to roll over because SPX / DOW etc daily, weekly AND monthly uptrends are simultaneously completing a protracted topping process. The resultant downtrend will have good momentum. Be careful folks: it will be nasty.

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The End of America (Porter Stansberry Research)

A friend sent me this youtube link... 
Seems like most readers here KNOW this information...
I did not find this link on CM so I post it here as
another well reasoned and researched resource...
saying similar things. 

-Bob O

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3800 Paper currencies do not exist anymore


one of the points that fascinated me most were the 3,800 paper currencies, that have already failed. Where does this number come from? Is there a link to a study, or a resource with all these currencies? It would be a major help to me.

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Excellent Marc Faber interview

Dear All,

For a number of years I have subscribed to Marc Faber's lugubriously-titled, "Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report."  I also listen to extended interviews with him any chance I can get.'s picture

What to watch to foresee imposition of currency/capital controls, precious metals forced sale for paper money ("confiscation")?

See Forget Greece, The US Almost Had A Failed Treasury Auction on what the author claims was evidence of a near "failure" of the Treasury auction last week of 30-year bonds.  Is this alleged shift in the makeup of the 30-yr Treasury Bond auction last week an early warning of soaring long term interest rates?  If so, how soon, how violent?  Where does one track the composition of the auction buyers, as this author has done?

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Informative, Crash Course Reference Book?

John Mauldin, has written a thought-provoking piece titled..."Thoughts On The End Game" 

This piece includes a nice overview of a book released in September 2009...

"This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly"

by Carmen M. Reinhart, Kenneth Rogoff

Succinctly, this book...provides...

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Excellent Explanation Inflation vs Deflation

Below is an article from FOFOA called the Waterfall Effect that outlines the debate of deflation versus inflation.

Something to chew on with the blizzard of dialog between deflationists against the inflation/hyper-inflationists.

BTW...seems were on track for an "interesting" next several weeks...HANG ON.  Waterfall...seems apropos...hmmm.


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The Fed Might Have Painted Itself into a Corner

A growing concern for Fed policy makers is a weakening in the US dollar against major currencies. The price of the euro in US-dollar terms climbed from a low of $1.27 in November last year to around $1.41 in May and $1.43 in early June — an increase of 12.6% from November. The major currencies dollar index fell to 78.89 in May from 82.3 in April — a fall of 4.1%. If the declining trend in the US dollar were to consolidate, this could cause foreign holders of US-dollar assets to divest into non-dollar-denominated assets and precious metals.


The Five Horsemen

Executive Summary:

  • What can we expect next, and how will we recognize it?
  • A series of sharp, interrupted shocks is more likely than a major sudden collapse.
  • Five game-changing events, what I call The Five Horsemen, will indicate that the rules have changed and a new reality is about to take over:

  • The First Horseman: New credit growth falls below interest payments
  • The Second Horseman: The Fed monetizes debt
  • The Third Horseman: Government spending exceeds 10% of GDP
  • The Fourth Horseman: The dollar goes down, while interest rates go up
  • The Fifth (and final) Horseman: US debt becomes denominated in foreign currencies

  Severe structural damage has already been inflicted on our economy. As I wrote two weeks ago in It Has Hit the Fan:

If you have been waiting for further confirmation about the direction of the economy, or waiting for a sign that it's now time to get serious about preparing for a future filled with less, this report is written for you.

You are living in the midst of the collapse of western economies, which are moving from a more complicated state to a less complicated one. This is it.  Keep a journal, because it's happening right now.

After the Great Depression, many people remarked that it was only obvious in retrospect. While it was unfolding, things steadily eroded. But 75% of the workforce remained employed, while hopeful signs of progress were constantly trotted out by various politicians, private economists, and official-sounding government agencies. It is often quite difficult to appreciate the true magnitude of sweeping change while it is occurring.

The most pressing question now is this:  What can we expect next, and when? 

In this report, I will give you the precise combination of macro-events that will cause me to issue an alert and kick my thinking and actions into new orbits.