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Consolidated List of Links to Existing Preparation Threads

In hindsight, this probably deserved its own thread.

By no means a complete list, but a good start.


Community Building:

Step 6: Social Capital

The guidance provided in this section presumes you have already read the chapter on Social Capital in our book, Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting. If you have not, we strongly recommend doing so first.

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"Collapse now and avoid the rush": who's doing it already?

As we sit around and wait for the meltdown to come to us, it can be useful to take a look at the places that are there already, and the people who are finding ways to deal with it.  It turns out that there are common themes that occur whenever/wherever people can no longer count on the government or the "official" economy to provide for their needs.  It might be a good thing to start early in adopting/adapting some of these measures that have been well tested.  Following are some descriptions of what's already being done.

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A Good Community to Live In - What are some indicators?

I've been wanting to post on some qualities that my local community has, that I think are, more generally, indicators of a good community to belong to.  I have to go to work :) so have to start this with a short post, but hopefully folks here can build on this.

Here's an indicator I got this morning that I live in a good rural community:

- It is -11 degrees F., and the fire siren just went off.  That means that our local ALL VOLUNTEER fire department is at this moment suiting up to go help one of our neighbors in bitter cold conditions.

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An Open versus Closed Civilization

Here's a video series I recently created that might be of interest to the CM community:

The Supreme Ordeal, an Open vs. Closed Civilization, is a three-act presentation describing the closed, dominator civilization that we've been living under for many millennia, the open and free civilization that's being born, and the converging crisis that's bringing about the transition.


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seek partner-collaborator to buy and develop fabulous property

I decided to get out of dodge (the USSA) about 5 years ago.  I researched quite a few places in depth, and traveled several places to explore first hand.  If I had to characterize myself, I guess I'd call myself a "high-tech hermit".  As such, my tendency was to "do my own thing" and not depend upon or involve other people.  However, I keep rediscovering one very unpleasant fact that keeps smacking me across my face, and telling me I need to partner and collaborate with one or two others.  Wh

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d Economics with Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film

This is a fantastic short film featuring Charles Eisenstein.



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Looking for like-minded. Is there a singles thread?

I'm new to this forum.  For the last 8 months I have been studying our economy and especially enjoy Chris Martenson's view points.  However, now that my way of thinking has changed, I find it challenging to find others who feel the same.  Can anyone direct me in the right direction to find others?  I'm single, 46 years old, female, and ready to make a life-style change.  Thanks!

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Community Coordination and Building

So much has been presented on this site about the importance of building a community relative to preparation.  There are some other sites on the web that attempt to link up like-minded people relative to preparation, but frankly, they are poorly run and in some cases their views can be on the fringe at times. One of the wonderful things about this site is that the discussion is typically fact based and extrememe views are not encouraged.