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Daily Digest 4/22 - In Love With My Planet, 12 (Misguided) Commandments of Gold Bugs

Monday, April 22, 2013, 12:57 PM
  • Where Are The Regulators After The Historic Gold & Silver Price Drop?
  • 12 (Misguided) Commandments of Gold Bugs: Barry Ritholtz
  • Travel Surveillance, Traveler Intrusion
  • Tata Faces Crisis as $20 Billion Spent on Water: Corporate India
  • In Love With My Planet
  • Bees “restored to health” in Italy after this spring’s neonicotinoid-free maize sowing
  • Researchers Develop a Self-Filling Water Bottle that Harvests Water from the Air
  • Antarctic Methane Could Escape, Worsen Warming