A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall

The prospects for the rest of the year are awful
Friday, June 15, 2018, 6:55 PM

As the Federal Reserve kicked off its second round of quantitative easing in aftermath of the Great Financial Crisis, hedge fund manager David Tepper predicted that nearly all assets would rise tremendously in response. 

History proved Tepper right: financial and other risk assets have shot the moon. Equities have long since rocketed past their pre-crisis highs, bonds continued rising as interest rates stayed at historic lows, and many real estate markets are now back in bubble territory. 

And everyone learned to love the 'Fed put' and stop worrying.

But as King Louis XV and Bob Dylan both warned us, what's coming next will change everything. » Read more


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Ed Butowsky: Calculating The True Cost of Living Increase

Why it's much higher than we're told/sold
Sunday, March 20, 2016, 1:06 PM

Over the past decade, we've been told that inflation has been tame -- actually below the target the Federal Reserve would like to see. But if that's true, then why does the average household find it harder and harder to get by?

The ugly reality is that the true annual cost of living is far outpacing the government's reported inflation rate. By nearly 10x in many parts of the country.

This week, we welcome Ed Butowsky, developer of the Chapwood Index, to the program. His index is a 'real world' measure of how prices are increasing much faster than the wages of the 99% can afford. » Read more

Daily Digest

Image by JasonParis, Flickr Creative Commons

Daily Digest 7/31 - India At Watershed, Detroit Has Bigger Problems Than Bankruptcy

Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 12:01 PM
  • Shipbuilders' losses seen widening
  • Bank of Cyprus deposits raid boosts finances
  • Greece sells state lotteries, clears way for OPAP sale
  • UK Losing Fight Against E-Crime Amid Budget Cuts, Parliamentary Committee Warn
  • Amid bankruptcy, Detroit has a bigger problem
  • Growing copper theft 'like an epidemic' sweeping US
  • India at a watershed as it confronts the spectre of stagflation
  • India central bank pat on rates, cuts growth view
  • African Barrick Writes Down Mines, Cuts Costs After Gold Tumbles
  • Court ruling allows Flint to start collecting on retiree cuts
  • Miami Springs counting on red-light camera revenue in face of deficit

Slamming Face-First into the Limits to Growth

Money will no longer guarantee wealth
Tuesday, January 22, 2013, 10:27 AM

Executive Summary

  • Escalating costs of resource extraction and associated pollution are key headwinds on future economic growth
  • For the first time in generations, the same limits to growth that handicapped pre-industrial society are reasserting themselves
  • Our economic and political leaders are misdiagnosing the root problem, and therefore prescribing the wrong treatments
  • Remember stagflation? Get ready to experience it again – with a vengeance

If you have not yet read The Tangled Relationship between Wealth & Money available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

The forces driving today’s ongoing economic crisis were sketched out decades ago in the pages of the Club of Rome’s epochal 1973 study, The Limits to Growth.  Mention that book to most people nowadays, and those who admit they’ve heard of it at all routinely insist that it made false claims about the future.

The irony – and it’s not a small one – is that this simply isn’t true...

A society in this situation can expand its production of goods and services – its 'wealth economy,' in the terms used in Part I – up to the limits of the environment’s ability to provide resources and absorb waste. Once those limits appear in the rearview mirror, though, any further expansion of the wealth economy runs into two insurmountable difficulties... » Read more