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The 'Poor Man's' Home Theater

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Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Eleven Films to See Before and After “Taking the Red Pill”

Cinematic insight into the predicaments we face
Thursday, January 3, 2013, 8:36 PM

There is no such thing as infinite growth on a finite planet.

I'm not sure who uttered the phrase first. I have heard the phrase many times since I got hip to the truth about Peak Oil and the predicaments we face with a decline in energy availability and resources. Throughout my journey of discovery and my quest for information and insight, I have been exposed to various books, articles, and movies that have changed my perspective about the world we live in. Though I am a big consumer of the written word, movies and media have had a great impact on my exposure to various ideas and issues and have also helped me introduce these realities to family and loved ones. 

Below we will explore a sampling of movies and presentations that have been a guide for me as I traveled "down the rabbit hole."  Time to take another "red pill" and see just how far that rabbit hole goes. » Read more