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Jack Keller: Understanding Peak Water

And you thought Peak Oil was concerning...
Saturday, November 16, 2013, 12:52 PM

"A very, very large amount of our total food production is depending on a diminishing supply of water," remarks Jack Keller, one of our own regulars here in the PeakProsperity.com community and an accomplished world expert on water management.

Similar to oil and other key natural resources that are mined and consumed, water is subject to the same exponential trends. Both surface supply and underground fossil stores of clean water are depleting at alarming rates, and the energy and economic costs of extraction are swiftly increasing. » Read more


Jack Keller

Jack Keller

Dr. Keller has a unique blend of engineering experiences that include teaching, research, extension, and consulting. He is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in the design, implementation, and management of irrigation systems. He is currently involved in consulting activities related to: efficient irrigated agricultural development; river basin water management and conservation planning; irrigation water monitoring, verification and conservation planning; and developing efficient low-cost irrigation technologies for small farms.

He is founder and presently Chief Executive Officer of Keller Bliesner Engineering LLC. He is also Professor Emeritus in the Biological and Irrigation Engineering Department at Utah State University, where he was Department Head between 1980 and 1986. Prior to becoming a professor at Utah State University in 1960, he was the Chief Irrigation Engineer in charge of product development for W.R. Ames Company, a leading U.S. manufacturer of irrigation equipment.