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6 Ways to Dehydrate Foods

Preserving and drying foods for greater resiliency.
Friday, March 28, 2014, 7:43 PM

6 great ways to start dehydrating the produce from the garden this coming summer.

Daily Prep

Dehydrating Food Without Electricity

Ideas for solar and air dehydrating
Thursday, May 16, 2013, 1:22 PM

A great summary and loads of information about how to dehydrate and store foods without power. » Read more

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Creating Healthy Snacks from Your Garden

Planning and growing your own snack foods
Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 5:41 PM

This post initially appeared on in November  2010. Given its continued relevance and the current growing season, we're republishing it to give our readers a reminder of what can and should be growing in your gardenTime to get your hands dirty and start growing healthy snack foods.

Last year, after all the essentials were stacked in the cupboards, the freezer full, and the root cellar piled to waist-high with 60% of all the food we needed for a year, I realized I was hungry for a snack. It was a hunger that lasted all last winter. As the winter progressed, I began a shopping list of snacks we could grow in our northern climate, process at harvest, and store away for winter snacking. My new goal in life was to become a professional at squirreling away snack goodies that were healthy, tasty, and nutritious.

By spring, my seed list consisted of turnips, sweet potatoes, sunflowers, popcorn, celery, and carrots, along with dried fruits. Here are the snack recipes that emerged: » Read more

Daily Prep

How to Dehydrate Carrots

The basics of putting up carrots
Thursday, August 2, 2012, 6:16 PM

A simple tutorial on how to dehydrate carrots.

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The Language of Food Storage

Master the vernacular
Sunday, June 17, 2012, 9:05 AM

When beginning down the path of resiliency building and preparedness planning, one must look at the need for food on a daily basis as well as the possible events that would require the use of stored food and emergency rations.  This subject can be expansive and confusing at times.  There are lots of options and choices available to meet  your nutritional needs.  This article and explanation of terms will hopefully clarify the many aspects and terminology of long-term food storage and help shed light on this important component of resiliency building.  » Read more