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Gutter Garden - Leslie Pitts

Vertical Gutter Gardens

Portable solution for small space growing
Tuesday, January 8, 2013, 9:52 PM

There are a lot of exciting and innovative gardening ideas popping up on the Internet these days, especially for space-challenged folks like apartment dwellers and small-lot home owners.  Having been inspired over a year ago by articles and growing concepts to grow baby greens in my porch over the winter (with a smile and a nod to jasonw), I embarked on just that this fall. By combing the concept of the vertical pallet garden and the openness of a gutter growing system, I hope to get the best of both methods.

With the final push of my summer garden coming to a close, I decided to give this rain gutter garden a try.  It seemed perfect for baby greens.  Although I don’t have any space constraints, gardening at my elevation in the winter would prove a major hassle, and I was looking to make use of my southeasterly-facing deck, which has a large covered section.  On sunny days, I push this unit down to the end to maximize sun exposure, and when the weather is gnarly, I push it under the awning. » Read more

Daily Prep

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9 Tips for Growing Container Trees

Orchards for small spaces
Thursday, September 20, 2012, 7:01 PM

Get a small orchard going or source some fruit from your patio by planting in containers.  A great way to combine food production with making things look nicer in the backyard.

What Should I Do?

Soil in 3" Pots

Making Potting Mix

Save by making your own
Monday, April 16, 2012, 1:17 PM

With spring upon us and the warming of the earth, many readers are getting the urge and itch to get outside and start planting a garden. Whether your garden is large enough to feed a community or just big enough to supplement your everyday fresh greens addiction, at some point you will need a supply of potting soil. From container herb gardens to the square-foot garden method, potting soil will need to be on hand. High-quality potting soil is an essential component to a successful garden season because it provides the foundational medium in which your plants will start and continue to grow in. In this article I discuss the process and recipe that I have used for many years for making great potting soil.  I hope to provide you with ideas on how to make the best mix for your garden and ways to save money in the future. 

The Recipe

The following is an excellent general seed starting mix and transplant mix.  For plants that might require a lighter mix, use a 2-1-1 ratio of the following ingredients.

Mix the following ingredients together in a sealable bag or container to maintain moisture if potting mix is to be stored for any length of time.

  • 3 parts Peat Moss
  • 1 part Compost (can be a combo of compost and worm castings if you have a worm bin available)
  • 1 part Perlite