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Drying towels

Investing in a Clothesline

Simple energy savings to get set up now
Tuesday, July 23, 2013, 1:59 PM

Investing in a clothesline for indoor/outdoor drying of laundry may be one of the best small-scale investments one can make.  My family recently broke down and made the leap to purchase and set up a clothesline system.  All I can say is, I wish we had done it years ago.  With heat waves hitting many parts of the country and the cost of energy constantly going up, a clothesline will help you save energy and money throughout the year.

We have set up 2 different ways of drying clothes, one using a high-quality retractable clothesline and one using IKEA folding drying racks.  The 40' of clothesline makes it easy to hang large items and bigger volumes of wet laundry and the folding racks are for smaller loads and indoor drying.

So far we have not used the propane gas dryer for about 3 weeks, and are now contemplating selling the dryer and focusing those resources into more resiliency-building items.  Maybe a washing tub and crank wringer. 

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Indigenous: Sourcing Our Clothing Sustainably

Consider Fair Trade standards when buying your next shirt
Wednesday, May 29, 2013, 3:16 PM

When you buy a piece of clothing, how much thought do you give to how it was made?

Few shoppers do. But they should. In many respects, where our clothes comes from is nearly as important as where our food comes from.

The recent tragedy in Bangladesh, where over 1,000 sweatshop workers died in a building collapse, provides a stark reminder of this. 

In this podcast, I talk with retail entrepreneurs Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds, co-founders of Indigenous Designs, to get a better understanding of the notoriety the textile industry has earned (much of it well-deserved) and learn about new business models that promise to transform it for the better. » Read more