The Turn May Be At Hand

Possibly within the next 2 months
Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 12:35 AM

What this world desperately needs is a long term plan to deal with its shrinking net-energy-per-capita ratio. This metric will someday turn into a complete sinking negative that will, in turn, utterly ruin all of our capital markets. » Read more

Daily Digest

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Daily Digest 3/15 - Central Banks Souring On The Dollar, The Petro Business Cycle

Friday, March 15, 2013, 1:16 PM
  • Central banks souring on the dollar
  • Census: Record 1 in 3 US counties are now dying
  • The Petro Business Cycle, Part II
  • Myron Scholes Global Markets Forum: The Coming Crisis in Japan
  • The big winners in Detroit’s fiscal crisis? Wall Street bankers
  • How London’s gold and silver prices are ‘fixed’
  • UBS Loses $2.6 Billion In 2012, Hands Out $2.6 Billion In Bonuses
  • Bixi Toronto Stats And Cars In Canada
  • Greenspan: No irrational exuberance, stocks undervalued
  • Banking Big On The Singularity
  • Thieves Blight Nigeria's Swamps with Spilt Oil
  • 'Carmakers manipulate emissions tests'
  • Bee deaths: EU delays action on pesticides ban
Daily Digest

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Daily Digest 3/8 - Thailand Passes Canada's Car Production, Europe's Recession Deepens

Friday, March 8, 2013, 11:45 AM
  • The Chinese are so desperate about the new property taxes they are divorcing in droves to avoid them
  • CP Rail may cut as many as 6,000 jobs: Harrison
  • Silvio Berlusconi convicted, sentenced to year in prison over illegal wiretaps
  • Thailand passes Canada in car production
  • Madrid's Renaissance of Occupied Spaces
  • Europe's Recession Deepens
  • "The Entire West Is In The Yo-Yo Years"
  • Poverty rate is highest in 15 years, says professor
  • The Deluge
  • Beemster's Dancing Cows Greet Spring Greens With Unrestrained Joy
  • How to green the desert and reverse climate change
  • Antarctica: Engine of ocean life