Bill Bradley


Photo credit: George Kalinsky

Senator Bill Bradley: Lack of Long-Range Planning Is Putting Our Future at Risk

A veteran Congressman discusses our economic predicament
Sunday, June 24, 2012, 12:08 PM

Former US Senator Bill Bradley believes a better tomorrow is within our grasp, despite the economic pain the middle class is experiencing today.

He wrote his new book We Can All Do Better to address the growing despondency and resentment he sees among Americans. With the right vision, leadership, and civic participation, he believes we can work our way back to prosperity and growth.

Chris was honored and excited to speak with the former Senator, particularly to uncover what awareness there is of the Three Es among our top political leaders. Not surprisingly for a longtime insider, Senator Bradley looks through the lens of working within the current system - i.e., if we can fix its shortcomings, it will solve our problems. Potential structural limits to growth, such as Peak Oil, are less bright on the radar.

There is much to learn here about what our Congressional leaders are focused on and what they are not. Listeners will undoubtly find points to agree with, and possibly others out-of-alignment with the concerns presented in the Crash Course. We expect an animated discussion to ensue in the Comments section below.

We take it as a good sign that widely-known veteran politicians such as Senator Bradley are increasingly standing up to admit "there is a problem" -- that's the first step towards taking corrective action. And we're very thankful of the time the Senator has given to speak to our community. » Read more