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Daily Digest 7/20 - More Cities Should Go Bankrupt, Baseball Is A Metaphor For American Life

Saturday, July 20, 2013, 11:52 AM
  • More Cities Should Go Bankrupt
  • Going, in Uncertainty, Where No Other Big City Has
  • Detroit Gap Reveals Industry Dispute on Pension Math
  • Detroit’s Creditors Eye Its Art Collection
  • When Gold And Silver Bottom Is Irrelevant To Your Financial Health
  • Why baseball is a metaphor for life in America
  • The games the rich play to avoid tax are immoral and now, hopefully, will become illegal
  • Can Europe’s new designs help the UK’s housing crisis?
Daily Digest

Image by motoyen, Flickr Creative Commons

Daily Digest 3/21 - Detroit City Council 'Still Relevant,' Argentines Go For Gold

Thursday, March 21, 2013, 11:28 AM
  • AstraZeneca slashing 1,200 jobs in Delaware
  • Bankrupt San Bernardino approves over $1 mln in pay hikes
  • Detroit council: We're still relevant
  • Argentines go for gold. Literally.
  • Ficano wants retired deputy to drive and guard him, wash his car
  • Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - New Zealand Goes Cyprus-Style, RBNZ Responds
  • Nearly 150 years after conflict ended, U.S. government still making payments to children of Civil War vets
  • In Spain, The Bitcoin Run Has Started
  • Canadian man to sell house for Bitcoin virtual currency
  • CIA's Gus Hunt On Big Data: We 'Try To Collect Everything And Hang On To It Forever'
  • Tories aim to divide, conquer with envoy who will canvas First Nations on energy projects
  • German scientists quit oil sands research over public climate concerns
  • Doctors call for ban of antibiotic use in farm animals as drug-resistant human infections hit ‘dangerous level
  • ‘We, as a nation, have to wake up’: First Nations leaders vow to do what it takes to block oil pipelines
  • Wave of prawn deaths baffles Chile city of Coronel
  • Eating locusts: The crunchy, kosher snack taking Israel by swarm