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Daily Digest 7/5 - Unemployment Remains 7.6%, Clay Pot Refrigeration

Friday, July 5, 2013, 11:31 AM
  • Fables and Fairy Tales
  • Summer career boosters, fun included
  • Boat-roofed shed wins British shed of the year
  • How the 1% is privatizing (stealing) the $600bn public education budget
  • U.S. Adds 195,000 Jobs; Unemployment Remains 7.6%
  • Scientists Plan to Use Subterranean Volcanic Rock Formations for Energy Storage
  • Keeping it Cool - Clay Pot Refrigeration
  • Crews in Arizona Make Progress in Subduing Deadly Fire
Daily Digest

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Daily Digest 4/10 - Americans Skipping Meds To Save Money, Italians' Spending Power Crumbles

Wednesday, April 10, 2013, 11:14 AM
  • Blue Angels Grounded by Budget Cuts for Rest of 2013
  • Cyprus Faces Risk of Payments Freeeze, Budget Shortfall Looms
  • Arizona gold bill moving forward
  • Five million households in debt to energy firms
  • Fitch Cuts China Yuan Debt Rating on Local Government Borrowing
  • French economy stalls as budget deficit grows
  • Stately Detroit Homes Rot As Appraisals Stall Sales
  • US homeless numbers expected to rise as spending cuts deepen
  • Italians' spending power crumbles in recession
  • Bass Says Japan Bondholders’ Reaction to Stimulus Telling
  • Interest on government student loans set to double this summer
  • Americans Skipping Prescription Meds To Save Money
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"Partial" Secession

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"Partial" Secession

UT and AZ move to exert state sovereignty over national park lands and their resources