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Daily Digest 4/6 - U.S. Had Most Q1 Layoffs In A Decade, Climate Findings Should Inspire 'Naked Fear'

Saturday, April 6, 2019, 10:57 AM
  • The U.S. just had the most Q1 layoffs in a decade
  • Put a Cork in It: Drinking a Bottle of Wine Per Week Is as Bad as Smoking 10 Cigarettes, Researchers Say
  • Y2K19? There's a chance your GPS system could go haywire this weekend
  • When Putin's around, GPS goes haywire, study finds
  • Record numbers of Australia's wildlife species face 'imminent extinction' 
  • The Great Barrier Reef Was Seen as ‘Too Big to Fail.’ A Study Suggests It Isn’t. 
  • 'Findings Should Inspire Naked Fear': Canada Warming at Twice the Global Rate
  • Parents around the world mobilise behind youth climate strikes
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Daily Digest 4/5 - Good News Friday: PR's Green New Deal, Priceless Records Of Old New York

Friday, April 5, 2019, 9:57 AM
  • The House just passed a bill to close the gender pay gap
  • VIDEO: Victoria’s Fairfield neighbourhood installs bench full of emergency supplies
  • Lamont: tolls, marijuana, paid leave and $15 will pass
  • Stop Asking Kids What They Want to Be When They Grow Up
  • Do animals hold the key to the global organ shortage?
  • Spared From the Shredder (for Now): ‘Priceless’ Bank Records of Old New York
  • Puerto Rico's Green New Deal
  • Federal judge overrules Trump order, restores Obama-era drilling ban in Arctic 
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Daily Digest 4/4 - Cholera Spreading In Mozambique, Unhealthy Diets Kill More People Than Tobacco

Thursday, April 4, 2019, 10:41 AM
  • House committee passes bill to upgrade 401(k) plans amid 'retirement income crisis'
  • At our current pace it'll take 80 years to repair all the structurally deficient bridges in the US, a report finds
  • Cholera is spreading in Mozambique in the wake of Cyclone Idai
  • Unhealthy diets now kill more people than tobacco and high blood pressure, study finds
  • Old, Online, And Fed On Lies: How An Aging Population Will Reshape The Internet
  • After 70% Crash in Stocks, Some Frack-Sand Miners Are Desperate
  • Oil Prices Spike On Shale Slowdown
  • Climate change: 'Magic bullet' carbon solution takes big step
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Daily Digest 4/3 - 'Fear' And Health Care, Global Debt Edged Up In 2018

Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 11:45 AM
  • Fewer Illinoisan enroll in Obamacare as costs increase, penalties disappear
  • Health-care costs for retirees climb to $285,000
  • 'Fear' and health care: Gallup survey finds Americans skipped treatment, borrowed $88B to pay for costs
  • Global debt edged up in 2018, debt ratio little changed: IIF
  • Here are three times when the Fed denied the yield curve’s recession warnings, and were wrong
  • Italy’s Recession Set to Extend to Early Months of 2019
  • ECB Doesn’t Know How to Get Out of Negative Rates, AXA's Page Says
  • Raconteur Report: Ebola Update
  • The Biggest Saudi Oil Field Is Fading Faster Than Anyone Guessed
  • As Farmers Retire, They Face Hard Choices About Preserving Their Way Of Life
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Daily Digest 4/2 - Biblical Anxieties, Border Close Would Cause Price Hikes and Empty Shelves

Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 10:18 AM
  • This is the real reason why the U.S. economy isn’t in recession danger now
  • Border close would mean price hikes, empty shelves
  • White House Whistle-Blower Tells Congress of Irregularities in Security Clearances
  • Chelsea Manning Again Takes Fall for Defending Public’s Right to Know
  • North Dakota Senate passes civil asset forfeiture bill 
  • Intelligence report appeared to endorse view leftwing protesters were 'terrorists'
  • The Hidden Air Pollution in Our Homes
  • Degrowth: A Defence
  • Climate Change Alarmists Routinely Ignore Chinese Flouting Of Paris Accords
  • The destruction of the Earth is a crime. It should be prosecuted
  • Biblical Anxieties
  • U.S. disaster aid won't cover crops drowned by Midwest floods
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Daily Digest 4/1 - Behind The Border Crisis, Inside America's Black Box

Monday, April 1, 2019, 10:26 AM
  • Trump White House presses threat to close U.S.-Mexico border this week
  • Behind The Border 'Crisis': More Migrant Families Risk Dangerous Remote Crossings
  • Russia confirms its military personnel are in Venezuela
  • Russia Defends Military Presence in Venezuela, Says U.S. 'Nervous' Because Its Plans 'Failed'
  • Inside America’s Black Box: A Rare Look at the Violence of Incarceration
  • Ireland and EU Countries Must Seek ECB Approval to Manage Gold Reserves – Draghi 
  • Retail apocalypse? JCPenney, Payless, LifeWay announce 3,000+ combined store closures
  • Weak February US retail sales underscore slowing economy
  • 60 years after exile, Tibetans face a fight for survival in a post-Dalai Lama world
  • Airlines report technical issues
  • At Hudson Yards, the future isn’t now
  • Small stickers on the ground trick Tesla autopilot into steering into opposing traffic lane
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Daily Digest 3/30 - The Big Picture On Debt And Devaluations, Can The Hard Brexiteers Pull It Off?

Saturday, March 30, 2019, 9:55 AM
  • State Dept. believes US legal residents are being held in Chinese detention camps
  • U.S. senators introduce bill to stop transfer of F-35 fighters to Turkey
  • Brexit Update: Can The Hard Brexiteers Pull It Off?
  • Lyft cruises onto Wall Street in style with strong stock market debut
  • Amazon says it will create 800 tech jobs in Austin
  • The Big Picture on Debt and Devaluations 
  • The global battle for the internet is just starting
  • White House warns Russia over troops in Venezuela, threatens sanctions
  • Hundreds of thousands march against Algeria's Bouteflika
  • Another Reason for Washington in Venezuela?
  • Trump tweets that OPEC should boost oil production as gas prices rise in U.S.
  • Top oil firms spending millions lobbying to block climate change policies, says report 
  • Climate Challenge Will Be Harder Than It Seems, JPMorgan Executive Warns
  • The Worst Disease Ever Recorded 
  • Trump signs permit to jump-start delayed construction of Keystone XL pipeline
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Daily Digest 3/29 - Good News Friday: Action On Plastic Pollution, Where Alzheimer’s Research Is Pushing Ahead

Friday, March 29, 2019, 9:57 AM
  • Old Rape Kits Finally Got Tested. 64 Attackers Were Convicted.
  • New York City Has Banned Plastic Foam Containers
  • Photos: kids in 123 countries went on strike to protect the climate 
  • Generation Z: Who They Are, in Their Own Words
  • Denver Airport Workers Win $15 an Hour
  • Where Alzheimer’s Research Is Pushing Ahead
  • US jury awards man $80m in Monsanto Roundup cancer case
  • The Golden State is officially a third renewable, and it’s not stopping there
  • A running list of action on plastic pollution
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Daily Digest 3/28 - Why U.S. Bond Yields Plunged This Week, Could HFCS Feed Tumors?

Thursday, March 28, 2019, 11:35 AM
  • The trouble with Theresa May’s promise to resign
  • Jamie Dimon: Trump's strategy on tariffs might have worked
  • Peter Schiff was right again
  • A Huge Options Trade Is Betting Markets Are Wrong on Fed Cuts
  • Here's Why U.S. Bond Yields Plunged So Much Over the Past Week
  • Donald Trump just made sure health care will decide the 2020 election
  • UPS just beat out Amazon, FedEx, and Uber to make America's first revenue-generating drone delivery 
  • Hospital using drones to fly blood samples between buildings
  • Three Lessons From ‘Failed’ Mueller Inquiry
  • New York county takes 'extremely unusual' step to ban unvaccinated minors from public places amid measles outbreak
  • Joint Vision 2020 Emphasizes Full-spectrum Dominance
  • Venezuelans search for water as new blackouts hit nationwide
  • For Venezuela’s 1 percent, a lavish wedding amid crisis
  • Why Increased Pot Use in Colorado Is Sending More People to the Hospital
  • Bayer and Johnson & Johnson Settle Lawsuits Over Xarelto, a Blood Thinner, for $775 Million
  • British Airways accidentally sent a plane to Scotland instead of Germany — and it turns out flights getting lost is more common than you think
  • A computer outage led to flight delays for some of the US’s biggest airlines
  • Infected U.S. Shale Oil Is Being Turned Away by Asian Buyers 
  • Saudi Arabia Is Set To Drop Exports Even More
  • High-fructose corn syrup boosts intestinal tumor growth in mice
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Daily Digest 3/27 - Canadians Feeling the Debt Burn, Negative Debt Expands to 1/5 of Global Market

Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 9:23 AM
  • As budget talks continue, so does debate over whether Illinois has revenue or spending problem
  • China’s local government debt a major risk as Beijing allows more borrowings to boost growth, says renown academic
  • World of Negative Debt Expands to One-Fifth of Global Market
  • Italy Still Is Europe’s Debt King, But France Gets Closer
  • Central banks must turn to global financial crisis tool box to tackle the next recession, says Fed’s Rosengren
  • Canadians Are Feeling the Debt Burn
  • How Can a Company with $1.8 Billion in Revenue Lose $1.9 Billion? WeWork Shows How 
  • "Medieval" Diseases Flare as Unsanitary Living Conditions Proliferate
  • McConnell And Senate Republicans Vote To Kill Green New Deal
  • Venezuela’s Oil Production In Jeopardy After New Blackout