Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You Interested In?

Saturday, January 29, 2011, 11:33 AM

We live in interesting times; there are so many topics Chris could write about. Which ones are you most interested in reading more from him?

Make your preferences known by taking our brief survey. It should take you less than 2 minutes to complete:

Click here to take the survey

We'll review every entry and use the results to guide our content development for 2011. The more we understand about your needs, the better we can meet them.

Thanks in advance for investing a few minutes here to help us improve the experience.



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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...

Nice touch thanks.

Hans-Zandvliet's picture
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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...

Cheers Chris, excellent idea of you to keep in touch with us.

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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...

This is a good idea Adam.  I'm sure you will find it helpful.  The active talkers are often not representative of the whole.


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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...

Done & painless (approx. 2-5 minutes to complete)

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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...

Here's my 2cents. . .and I liked the survey but needs more depth.

I think we're running out of time and (IMHO) this may be the last growing season we have to implement whole community (as in where we all live) actions. I would like to see more of what works to move communities off the Mickey Mouse/Jimmeny Cricket - Wish Upon a Star thinking and get moving toward local food growing and resilience.

The government may not be here to save us and people have no feel for what that means. . . and it could take years to re-build like it took the former Solviet Union. From what I'm seeing - people are like deer caught in the headlights -stunned to hear anyone say such a thing. IF this is not the last growing season - then all the better.

So we're down for the count -

Do people really need to know WHY they are growing food? Why they are un-employed? Why they have no future? Or do they just need to be given a reward for doing whats best for them?

This is one of the best Think-Tanks online. I appreciate your collective thoughts-What works? What doesn't?


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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...

I was very happy to see the survey. 

While I do not post often it was a great chance to give my input.  Hope it helps.  For what its worth, I thought I would mention this too, as it was asked in the survey.  I wish I had the money to send Chris, but I am one of those middle class/lower middle class followers who literally is trying to perpare on a shoe string budget.  Food going up, gas going up, and there is very little room left in the budget to make my own preperations.  Maybe I can send a one time check or something...but the cost of enrolling is just to high.  Sorry...

The other things I would like to mention, and again, I was pleased to see this as part of the survey...were the opportunities to lobby Chris on sliver and gold investing/ the chances things are going to collapse in the near future.

On the gold/silver investing front, it was Chris and others who got me into the idea that both are going to be valuable long term, regardless of what we pay for them now.  Hisinfo got me into silver in particular, and convinced me to invest a substantial amount of my little wealth there.  Updates on that would be nice.

Finally, his attention to the details have been invaluable.  A couple of places here I have heard it spoken of as "taking the red pill".  Well...having info ahead of the curve is valuable.  Just knowing about the collapse (I watched Crash Course in October of last year) was really helpful, and he has gained my trust.  More updates about the decline and how close we are, if possible, would be helpful.

As always, I thank you for your time.




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Arthur Robey
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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...

Isaac Asimov noted that the size of an empire depended on the speed of communication. Therefore the Roman Empire's size was dependent on the speed of a horse

Predicting the future is a bit like the weather report.

Yesterdays weather is interesting in that it tells us of the various bounds that can feasibly occur, but it is tomorrows weather that we are most interested in, and that is the hard part.
I predict that there will be one world culture and government because communications are  globally instantaneous. However, physical contact will be much reduced.
With this proviso. Provided the recent demonstration by the Italians of a working low energy nuclear reaction proves to be unworkable.
(Rossi et al) see

Once low energy nuclear reactions are shown to be workable in any form at all, the past will not be a guide to the future.

To ignore these developments is to risk placing your predictions into the waste paper basket of history.

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Adam Taggart
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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...

Glad to hear the survey is appreciated. We'll do more in the future.

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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...
EndGamePlayer wrote:

... this may be the last growing season we have ...


yikes, I never thought of it that way but you are probably quite right.  We all know the danger of trying to predict events, but that is one of the things that I think all the regular readers can agree on....if this isn't the last growing season, certainly we are down to the last few before "practice" and prepping becomes a necessity.  More than once I tried to log onto the site and couldn't get on, and my heart would jump, thinking the plug has been pulled for one reason or another.  I don't think there is anyone right in my immediate vicinity, but I do think it is a good idea that we find out who is close, how to find each other if the site or the internet goes down.  Maybe this should be done discreetly so that we don't make ourselves standing targets for lurkers who would rather poach than harvest genuine symbiotic relationships.

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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...

One thing I miss and that I would like to see again is in the Insider area. I think it was originally called In Session when the Insider section first started. Chris would take several news items, and dissect each one in say, 3 or 4 sentences.

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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...

I did mention this in the survey but would like to put this out for anyone else's opinion. In Gerald Celente's newest "Trends Journal" he offers details on a few revolutionary new energy sources. They are all serious game changers if there is any validity to them. Any informed opinions would be most welcome.

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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to throw in m two cents. Loving the survey, but I found it difficult to choose between topics am I am highly interested in many of them. One thing I've always enjoyed about the site is that the topics Chris writes about seem to shift based on how pertinent they are to what's currently happening in the news. I.E. Fed meetings, market movements, etc. I guess all I am trying to say is that Chris' ability to remain flexible with what is being reported and when is something I've come to value. I hope to see it continue in the future.

Keep up all the good work!

BTW, Adam, the impact you've had on the sight since you came on board has been great. The new features and tweaks have made an already great site that much better. Laughing

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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...


Thanks for posting the survey and for your positive contribution to this site in general. I completed the survey but having done so, I have to say that with a single exception it only asked questions about what is already being offered, not what is missing.

For my part I'm fixated (seemingly all alone) on an issue that is noticeably absent from this site but which will be absolutely critical to all of us in a post-collapse environment; i.e. the issue of personal and community morality. I've posted a number of comments in various locations on this site regarding this topic with very little response - the latest only yesterday:

Just as Chris's course educated myself and many others about the true nature of money (as debt) so I believe the general public and members of this site need a similar education on the basics of moral philosophy. The public's ignorance of the true nature of money is one of the reasons our societies remain enthralled (controlled) by banksters. Our ignorance of the basics of moral philosophy is one of the main reasons both power elites and reactionary demagogues are able to manipulate our values & emotions to their own questionable ends. I believe there is a conspiracy of silence in the areas of both money & morality within our educational institutions and news media because genuine knowledge in this space really does equal power. 

There's no point any of us being materially prepared for a post-peak future if we're clueless about how to reason thru the problems of distributive justice or intellectually resist the emotivism of a demagogue. The material abundance of the west has dulled our moral intuitions with regard to distributive justice because for the past 2 or 3 generations we've been able to increase the size of our economic pie rather than slice it more sparingly. Similarly a steady diet of melodramatic entertainment in films and on television have sanitized our minds of any form of robust ethical reasoning.

I apologise for being a lone and persistent 'single issue' campaigner on this topic but I believe this is a subject should have the courage to address in a disciplined, academic way.


Maxwell Bach

jpitre's picture
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Re: Your Opinion Wanted: What New Content Are You ...

Maxwell - It may seem that you are alone with your opinions, however you are not. I do think that the even the idea of looking at the part we have individually and collectively played in getting into the mess we are in is uncomfortable and painful, so we look away to place blame  externally on others. Our own growth of "Empire" has (is being) peppered with activities we'd rather not admit to as being participants - partly by saying that the good we have accomplished outweighs the eggs we've had to break. Some truth in this, however I don't think this alleviates the obligation for us to critically examine all parts of our activities so that we have a hope in not repeating. Unfortunately, when we jump on to the bandwagon of the moment without critical & moral thought, we create another wave that leads to excess in a different direction that may be as destructive as the last. 

Cut government, throw out Capitalism, stop war, punish Banksters/Wall Street, end Empire building etc may all have seeds of valid truth inside the overall ideas, however without careful examination we will end up just stirring the pot rather than fixing anything. My guess is that all of the foregoing is OK unless taken to extreme, and as we are in extreme mode in general now, we are likely to cause as much harm as good if we are not careful. Time has nearly run out to make corrections that will mean anything, so crash, burn & re-build may be our only answer - and maybe give us enough time to consider the moral implications of what we are doing. 

I've noticed that there is a groundswell towards some measure of a wish to return to biblical teachings which sounds as if it may be good, however without a clear understanding of where we are, it is difficult to apply these principles in the affairs of our country. Many fundamental Christians chose to back the war in Iraq while not understanding the underlying reasons for proposing the war in the first place. My perception is that they were led "down the garden path" to put it mildly. It seems that in our complex society that while moral teaching may help, it won't solve the difficulty of countering many of the overpowering forces that are now looose among mankind unless a significant percentage of our people choose to settle on a path that is something other than selfish and self centered dealing  against our fellow human beings.

There is a bigger picture and it may be that our challenge is to agree on what that picture really is.



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