The year starts out on a good note

Thursday, January 1, 2009, 4:01 PM

We received a kind offer from a woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) to donate a 3-month subscription to someone in need.

We’ve had a number of requests for assistance that we’ve collected over the past few months, we put all these names into a hat and had our daughter Grace (age 8) select a name at random.

The lucky winner was Sharon Sotis who wrote in saying:

I have watched the crash course and come to your site just about daily to
keep up to date on the economy and read the forums. I have started to
prepare myself and my 6 year old daughter to be more self sufficient,
cutting back on expenses etc. I have been telling others to watch and
trying to enlighten as many as I can. At times I feel like Noah before the
flood. :)

I would love to become a subscriber to your site, but as a widow living on
social security, who stays home so I can homeschool my daughter, the cost
is prohibitive to me. I know you need to charge to help offset the cost of
the site, but wonder if you ever offer subscription free of charge to those
who are willing, but just not able to pay?

Happy New Year Sharon and congratulations!

And Happy New Year to everone else!


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Sebastian Ronin's picture
Sebastian Ronin
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Re: The year starts out on a good note

Terrific gesture, Chris!

Crystal's picture
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Re: The year starts out on a good note

Awwww .... that just made my day! Smile

Linda K's picture
Linda K
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Re: The year starts out on a good note

A heart warming beginning.

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