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What Difference Has This Site Made In Your Life?

Thursday, February 17, 2011, 7:12 PM

Many of you know that Chris' book version of The Crash Course will be released in late March. An important part of the efforts around the launch involves determining how best to describe its subject matter and its significance for readers.

Chris and I had the same thought: Why not let the PeakProsperity.com community help us tell the story? After all, you're the ones putting the material we discuss here into daily practice in your lives. People will value your honest opinions much more than whatever copy we write.

We thought a good idea would be to ask those of you with easy access to video tools (e.g., webcams, iPhones, etc) to answer the question, "What difference has this site made in your life?".

We'll then edit the submissions together into a short but hard-hitting reel that helps people realize the value of the insights and practical guidance they get from understanding the Three Es, the Crash Course, Chris' posts & the many other discussions that happen here on PeakProsperity.com.

If you're willing to participate, here are the steps to follow:

1) Record a 30-90 second video of you describing the value this site has had for your life

Just look into the camera and speak from the heart. We'll post the final reel here once it's produced, so you can enjoy your moment of fame as well as those of your fellow community members. Seeing each other's faces should help us all relate a little bit more on a personal level.

2) Email the video file as an attachment to [email protected]

If at all possible, please send your video clips to us as .mov files. Those are the easiest for us to deal with during the editing process. If you don't know how to do this, don't worry - just sent the file in whatever format you have.

3) Let us know if you would like your username to appear along with your clip

We can superimpose your username on top of your clip if you'd like. Unless you specifically ask us to, though, we won't.

And if you don't have easy access to a video camera - don't worry! You can provide your thoughts in the comments below. We'll compile those for use in our launch efforts, too, as well as in the testimonials section of this site. 

Thanks for helping us in our efforts to introduce our message to a much larger audience. It's going to be a busy Spring.



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Re: What Difference Has This Site Made In Your Life?

Knowledge of what's really going on behind the scenes--

Time, Time, Time to prepare!!

20K investment earnings in 2 mo's---going towards prep's

Podcasts/Blogs/Courses:  The Hourly G, The Solari Report, Zero Hedge, Survival Blog, Two Beers w/ Steve, The Psy-Fi Blog, North Caroline State's Intro to Permaculture (Will Hooker)...to name just a few

People I never heard of before CM:  Catherine Austin Fitts, Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, Gonzalo Lira,  Marc Faber...to name just a few

The #1 difference this site has made in my life is Chris Martenson himself (Crash Course,  What should I do guide,  blog), and the the CM forums---the exchange of information and the sense of community is beyond words!   


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Re: What Difference Has This Site Made In Your Life?

Chris' work has completely changed my life.

I originally started watching the Crash Course chapters as they appeared in 2008.  I anxiously awaited each chapter and would watch it almost immediately.  I joined the Martenson Brigade and was quite active in those early days.  Here's a few of the changes in my life that have resulted directly from Chris' work:

I'm an active member of Transition Colorado, specifically, Transition Westminster/Arvada/Broomfield where I act as one of the primary catalysts.

I've started, from scratch, two Broomfield Community Gardens, each about 1/3 of a acre using Permaculture technique to grow hundreds of pounds of produce for my gardeners and my community food bank.

I've become a Beekeeper, with 4 colonies still alive as of 2/17/2011.

I've organized and sponsored a monthly Broomfield Community Contra Dance and Drumming Circle at our local Crescent Grange 136.

I'm a member of Crescent Grange.

I've shown twice monthly documentary movie nights in 2009 and 2010 covering numerous topics including Permaculture, Water, Economy, Energy, Debt and Environment.

I sponsored and lead a Crash Course Seminar for my community which was well attended by 17 participants.

I spent a year on the Broomfield Cultural Council reviewing and approving cultural / arts / science grant applications for the city.

I've pulled 1/2 of my IRA out of Fidelity and am now in the process of converting it to PMs.

I have purchased and read numerous books, many suggested as "must read" on the CM website.

I read the CM website daily to stay up on all the latest news.

I attended Chris' Denver Crash Course weekend, delaying my trip to North Carolina in order to not miss any of it.

In summary, I've invested heavily in my own education, in my community and in my future ... differently than I would have if I had not found Chris Martenson and the Crash Course.

Nothing would make me happier than to find a way to make my living bringing Chris' message to a larger audience.

I don't have access to video, so this is what I can contribute.

I'll be buying my book directly from Chris in the spirit of Slow Money.

Best wishes always and a big hug inserted here ... dons  (aka dps)  Donald P. Studinski


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Re: What Difference Has This Site Made In Your Life?
Quite simply the site functions as a link to reality and as a “cannery in the mine shaft”.  The discussion are generally excellent but with all communities, there are some changes and some are a real loss to see go!
I have been feeling quite reflective recently and did email Chris to thank him for his work, but if I was to summarise in a few works, I would say it come down to the knowledge, the more you know and understand, the less you have to carry on your back as Ray Mears would say (UK bushcraft expert).  It is actually very liberating to have a better understanding and access to objective options and discussions as to what is really going on in the world and what it means.
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Adam Taggart
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Re: What Difference Has This Site Made In Your Life?

Many thanks to those who have written in so far, both in the comments here and on Facebook. We're inspired by and very grateful for your feedback.

We're still waiting for the first video to be submitted. Hopefully those of you thinking about sending one can find a few minutes during this cold/wet weekend (at least where I am) to record your story.



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Re: What Difference Has This Site Made In Your Life?

To be totally honest, I just knew TSWHTF way back in 1992 when I read "Abandon Affluence" by Ted Trainer.  Closely followed by the Club of Rome's "Limits to Growth" report.  I pretty well abandoned the Matrix back then, closing down my photography business and planning preps.  Without knowing a thing about what to do!  I wasted a lot of time and money making mistakes, but eventually I got here, and really that's what matters......

I discovered PO in 2000, and that really closed the deal for me.

What the CC did for me was tie it all together so that I could make clear sense out of all the things I already knew.  I found economics so utterly boring and nonsensical, that I just ignored it.  Chris made it easy for me to understand that missing bit, and actually got me interested in economics today!  That's some result, let me tell you....  Chris is a Master Communicator.

So, this site didn't really have much impact on my life, but it gave me the tools to impact the lives of many others...  Now, I can clearly explain why I think the way I think....


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Re: What Difference Has This Site Made In Your Life?

How has Chris Martenson and CM.com made a difference in my life?

First, Dr. Chris created the Crash Course, which helped me understand in concrete ways the vaguely unsettling ideas I had about how our civilization was on a bad (and swiftly-worsening) course.  

Dr. Chris and the other members of the community here help me take the white noise of information overload and tease out the useful and relevant facts to form a realistic outlook on the state of the world (which we can clearly not ask the Lamestream Media to provide for us).  Obviously, these days that outlook is rather grim. 

But the greatest genius of this site, in my opinion, is that it offers loads of materials and ideas about What To Do to prepare for the changes coming (and the changes already here).  We're not at the End of the World;  we are at the Beginning of the Next.  This site helps me get my Next on, and I'm hugely grateful to Dr. Chris, his staff, and my fellow members here at CM.com.

Viva!  Sager

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This site has scared the

This site has scared the wits out of me.  I first did the crash course in late 2008.  I had to stop listening for a while and recover.  I had to calibrate the information in the crash course with other signals in the world around me, which, in fact, seemed generally oblivious to the prospect of long-term devastating changes.  Since doing the crash course, I've read financial news with a different eye.  I'm more sensitive to the subtext - no one will announce a coming crisis, but the subtext in much of the news seems to corroborate what the crash course says.  I don't think there's a clear scenario that will play out, but I am on board with the notion that in the big picture, the economy as we have known it is about to pass through a meat grinder.  This site does speak to the fear that this information can stir up, and I appreciate that.  I've been working on my own ways of addressing these feelings, which so far are not about buying precious metals or foreign currencies.  

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CC on daily basis

Yes, gowell, "anxiety" is way below the reality - from time to time. And it's much more: nearly every day I think about prio1things that had to be done yesterday, but possibilities are limited in my world because it's finite too - like the planet itself.

The CC stands for the information that had and is still having the most  profound impact on my life. It's a "global killer" to the world of the average human being - assuming an IQ over room temperatur and that he or she is open minded. It's handing over the red pill and only the red pill.

It helped me to complete my picture of the world substantially. It helps my family in decision making, preparing for the unavoidable and in ajusting even the education of my kids. We are building up resilience.

Chris, I thank You from the buttom of my heart. You probably has done more good to my life and those of my wife and kids, then ever will be possible to be expressed.

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This site has scared the wits out of me
gowell wrote:

This site has scared the wits out of me.

Don't be scared.....  Plan your work, and work your plan.  There's enough info on this site to get you out of trouble, knowledge is power.  I believe in the potential for all this crapola to turn the world into a better place, but only if people stop ignoring the facts.


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For me Dr CM confirmed so many things i already had in the back of my mind. However i dont like it. I like my life as it is. I have my own business in Nigeria working 2 month on and 2 month off rotation.

My Family is living high in the french Alps without fast internet. Our information was coming from the newspapes and television. In 2005 this changed when France telecom installed a new cable with fast internet.

It was just like a curtain of the real world was opening. What an information unbeleavable. I watch in 2 months 5 years of television on the internet. Mainly dutch programmes where a movie called "the day that the dollar will collapse" catched my attention. 2 years later i came on the website of CM. Between i watched all kind conspiracy crap like alex jones ect.

The crashcourse is the best presentation of present situation . For me this was listening to an interview of a member of the club of rome in 1982. I came to the conclusion that the club of rome /iswas right. Peak Oil was turning trough my head again. As i am working as a contractor for the oil industry i was husseling with oilies in different bars in Nigeria for a reservoir manager. I found one and ai ai shocking during an evening at a bar. I was convinced CM / club of rome ect will destroy my confortable life.

I had the same story as CM had with his wife. I wanted to sell my company and start farming the permaculture, Joe Salatin, Forrest Garden way and changed all my money to gold. I wanted to change my life. But my wife did not agree.

It was early 2009 or so when  CM appeared in an interview at PeakMoment.No statistics but how to move forward and how to prepare. This brought me to CM website and is the last thing i check before i leave office/farm every day. (time difference with Europe)

I still have my company in nigeria but started a farm in france just to try. This is working succesfully and now i only work in nigeria during winter. I became politically active and go to church / associations again to meet people.

This is still lacking on this website. I really hope that CM website opens a meet-up secttion in the near future as this website will attrackt more and more concerned citicens which wants to meet others. I avoid ignoring people who tells me that i/we are wrong.

How do i see the future?

Mass emegration of citizens of North Africa due to overpopulation and depletion of natural recources .Same counts for the us where citizens of Mexico will move to the north.

This will all result in tentions and finally war in europe. Has happened many times before and will happen again in the near future.

I just want to be prepared as i am very, very concerned.












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How has the site helped

How has the site helped me?

I came to the CC via Andrew Tobia's website, where he linked to the explanation of exponential growth as part of a larger post.  I did the crash course and treated myself to the Lowesville weekend and this really changed my life, no joke.

I met many interesting and  wonderful people at Lowesville who were committed, honest and serious about preparations for a new future as well as Dr. Martenson and his family who were gracious, generous and commited to getting their message out for the benefit of everyone involved.

Since then I have learned a lot here that has opened my eyes to the seriousness of our situation and have taken necessary actions to prepare.  The impact has been important and profound.  The "what should I do" series is great, I agree. And the membership and staff here are incredibly diverse and serious about the work that needs to be done, and very caring in a variety of ways.

Thank you all


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I agree with everything that

I agree with everything that Sager said.

I  am pretty new here.  I think I found this place in June of last year just when I got back from my kayak trip.....I found this site very indirectly when I was looking for some dehydrated carrots to add to my camping supplies........discovered what all the ballyhoo was over food storage and found a sidebar and I was here.

Let's see....

I have done a lot of reading on all the topics on the forum. 

I have gained an extensive library on organic gardening and have been implementing my new gardening skills as quickly as I could within the limits of space, sun, and climate.  We are at the end of Februrary and I have already set out lettuce, chard, onions, and strawberries.  The tomato and pepper seedlings have just come down from on top of the refrigerator.  I am considering how to put food crops in the front yard without upsetting the covenant authorities---fruit trees and swiss chard perhaps,

I have done a lot of reading on soil fertility.  I now have a compost bin and a worm farm,  I killed the worms once, but I haven't given up.  I got some more and they are fat and healthy today. 

When I went to Mount Vernon with my grandson I was more interested in the gardens than the house.  That's different for me.

I have read about Permaculture and other sustainable agricultural systems.  I have learned about commercial agriculture too, and was shocked by what I found.  I have been contemplating how to convert a farm I already have into an organic food producing establishment.  I had been planning on selling it.

I have made a small investment in silver coins on a monthly basis.  It's not enough to make much difference, but it is a start.  I am pretty much out of debt, and am avoiding debt in spite of the advice of one blogger who suggested that debt was the way to riches in hyperinflation...

I have the food dehydrator and am not looking to buy just dehydrated carrots.  I have learned to dehydrate and use other foods too.  I have about a three month food storage here and am learning how to do that inexpensively.  I am investigating long term food storage and how to that .  Within the next few months I'll get my buckets and do it.

I have enjoyed the intelligent debate on vital topics that will concern us even more in the future.  I have loved the videos on all of these topics.  I have followed links here off to other blogs and web pages to learn more about what these people have to say.

I was planning to retire in May.  Now I am still second guessing whether I should do that or not.  Before coming here there was no doubt that it was the absolute best thing for me to do.

I do not have community on this here where I  live.  Most of the people I know are disturbed and worried about what they see happening, but that's about the end of it for them.  Finding other peope on the same page would be reassuring.  But then that is what this is.

I did kind of go into a depression when I realized that there was fact to back up my suspicion that our economy was headed for a tailspin.  The party has been great, and I've enjoyed it like everybody else, but the hangover is going to be awful...

So, all of this has been a really big change for me in 8 months, a complete paradigm shift. 

Thanks Chris, Adam, and everyone at the Crash Course,

Keep up the good work,


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When I first discovered this

When I first discovered this site near the end of 2008, I was casting about at all directions for information that would adequately explain the craziness of that year.  I knew something was very wrong and could tell that most of the standard explanations and interpretations being given by mainstream sources didn't quite add up, but I had little idea of where to find more accurate information.  It was like trying to put together a 5000-piece jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces missing and no clue what the final puzzle picture is supposed to be.  And that was what I found in this site; a big heaping pile of missing puzzle pieces that helped build a more complete picture. 

Since then we have come to the conclusion that debt, even our so-called "good debt" like mortgages and student loans, carry a much higher level of risk than conventional wisdom and most mainstream experts tell us.  We have sold our two houses to eliminate our mortgage debt, paid off our car loan, and are just two short months away from paying off the rest of my student loan and being completely debt-free.  We live a simpler lifestyle now... saving all we can, living in an ordinary two bedroom apartment instead of our old 2000 sq ft house, and our monthly expenses are about half of what they were in 2008.  And yet even with a smaller dwelling and less 'nights out on the town', we find ourselves enjoying life more.  Put simply, the peace of mind and freedom that zero debt, abundant savings, and a more resilient lifestyle gives us far outweighs the extra material benefits we enjoyed before.  Furthermore, these changes are opening up new opportunities for us to start our own business and pursue the kind of work we really want to do, giving us alternatives to the usual rat-race and growing lack of job stability. 

There are a number other valuable sites and sources of information I've found both before and since finding this site, but Chris Martenson's work stands above and apart from most of them in its level-headed analysis of data, the integrity of its message (i.e. avoiding the greed and/or fear-based emotional hooks common with some other information and news sources), and its general avoidance of idealogical fixations and partisan politics.  So in all honesty I have to give this site and the Crash Course the biggest share of credit in helping us find our focus and develop a better plan for the future.  How the uncertain future will play out precisely is anyone's guess, but I know for a fact that whatever happens from this point forward we are better positioned to adapt and thrive now than we were before.

- Nickbert

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What this site has done for me

I may not have the time to do a video for you guys, but I wanted to say quite simply what difference this site has made for me:

It has given me and mine the courage to live awake and aware of what is going on around us.  With the help of the community, analysis, and organization of information presented here we are making real steps to prepare ourselves and it feels great.  CM takes the scary out of the fact that things don't bode well for anyone who does not begin to prepare for the changes ahead. 

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Rob Z
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What Difference Has This Site Made In Your Life?

I found this site about 2008 - '09 time frame. I had been watching my IRA and 401k sink rapidly and I was searching for financial information to help me understand what was really happening. I was not getting the truth from my financial advisor and others like him. I knew instinctively that the maistream media wouldnt tell me the truth either. Luckily I found the "Crash Course" in one of my searches and watched the video on "Money Creation" - this really got my attention and I proceeded to watch all 20 chapters in one evening. Following this experience, I was in shock. I tried to tell my wife about this information and my words fell on deaf ears. I talked to a neighbor... same effect. Why didnt other people want to hear these things? Why is everyone in denial? If not in denial, why did they refuse to discuss these issues? I felt powerless to share this information. After a week or two I decided to purchase 20 or 30 DVD's (I think it was 30 for about a dollar each). I gave the Crash Course DVD's to all of my family & friends for Christmas of that year. I estimate that half of them actually watched it, and 3 people commented on it, and one person was so impressed he actually wanted to talk about it in detail. I have prepared for a future crash by purchasing a fire-proof safe where I have an emergency cash fund. I now have two bank accounts, one major bank and one local credit union. I'm in the process of purchasing a generator for my home and planning for water and food storage systems. I watch things much more carefully now and I'm tuned into programs that will hopefully tip me off to events that could have serious impact on my family.

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Farmer Brown
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If the Crash Course doesn't

If the Crash Course doesn't knock the nonsense out of you, you probably deserve to go down with the ship.

(I know, that probably won't go well in a book jacket but hey, that's how I feel about it)


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Info sponge

I got active on this site after attending the 2008 conference in Rowe;I can't believe it was three years ago. The conference and the site have been important to me in two ways. First, they have reinforced and strengthened my own perceptions, held for decades, that our culture is wrongly focused in its priorities and that most people are asleep to important social/ecological/financial/political realities. Second, at Rowe and on this site I realized there are other folks, sadly not easily found in my local community, who think the same way I do. I have formed a few online friendships through this site and, if Chris is our information scout, feel as if I have become an information sponge in a lot of areas. The difficulty is in translating information into actionable behaviors but the CM site continues as a source of inspiration.



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