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Friday, October 10, 2008, 11:59 AM

... and our growing online community dedicated to exploring the intersection of the Three E’s: the economy, energy and the environment.

The next twenty years are going to be completely unlike the last twenty, and this website is designed to help you learn about the challenges we face, take action in your life and community, and connect with others from all over the world around this material.

1. Get Informed

If there’s one thing you do while here, watch The Crash Course – Dr. Chris Martenson’s illuminating and rigorously factual presentation about the looming challenges of debt, peak oil and resource scarcity.

Don't have a few hours?  Then watch the 45 minute version, a presentation that’s been given at the UN, UK House of Commons, at Yahoo and the Minnesota State Legislature, among many other places.

Chris’s blog offers occasional free, ongoing commentary on current events in the Three E’s. Perceptive wealth managers, those with money to protect and individuals interested in orienting their lives to the current challenges enroll for Chris’s up-to-the-minute insights and deeply researched analysis.

2. Take Action

The most common reaction we hear from new visitors after exposure to the Crash Course and Chris’s writings is: “What should I do?

These are the first steps everyone should take:

And be sure to check back regularly as we make more solutions available to both our new and veteran audiences.

3. Connect

We know how important it is not to be alone in exploring this material.

Connecting with others is essential. Fortunately, there’s a vibrant, supportive community right here. It’s free, but it happens to offer one of the greatest values people ascribe to this site.

There is so much to learn just by reading what other thoughtful readers have to say. Our forums are civil, supportive salons for learning and building relationships.  Just as importantly, they represent a repository of thousands of hours of collective collaboration resulting in the most useful and complete prepping guidance on the web.

We encourage you to join the conversation here, where thoughtful, active members offer advice and guidance on topics ranging from permaculture to personal finance.  You could spend thousands of hours replicating this information yourself, but why not take advantage of this remarkable and free resource where you get to contribute and/or have your questions answered along the way?

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