Upcoming Colorado Seminars

Wednesday, June 17, 2009, 2:56 PM

Becca and I will be making our first Western voyage this July to present a completely revised and updated seminar and lecture series offered by Transition Colorado.  The weekend will encompass four days of events from Thursday, July 16 through Sunday, July 19 and will draw from the collected communities of Transition Colorado and  

The series will offer a galvanizing and edifying set of discussions and presentations that will engage participants in the material of the Crash Course, deliver its message to a public audience, and lay out a vision for the future based on the interwoven approaches of our two communities. 

Thursday, July 16, 1.5 hour public talk, Boulder CO 

On Thursday, we will deliver a 1.5 hour talk and gathering in Boulder, CO that will highlight the key concepts of the Crash Course, including the exponential function, the predicament of demographics, and the realities of energy and environmental depletion in the medium-term future.  We will weave current events into our discussion and shed light on the news, offering an interactive glimpse of the Crash Course's provocative material and an approach for reckoning with a rapidly shifting future. 

Click here for event information.

Friday, July 17, 1.5 hour public talk, Denver CO 

We will bring Thursday's presentation to Denver, and afterwards hold a VIP fundraiser for Transition Colorado that will offer a public opportunity to meet Chris and collaborate with forward-thinking individuals on the forefront of these ideas and activities. 

Click here for event information.

Saturday (Day 1) - July 18, 9:00AM-4:00PM, Curtis Hotel, Denver CO

Day 1 of an intense, community-focused weekend seminar will present the central ideas of the Crash Course and go deeper into some of its material while offering a personal and historical perspective that will improve your understanding of and connection to its content.  We will explore the meaning of prosperity as it has traditionally been understood, and use this as a lens through which to examine the systemic factors that have led to the unprecedented levels of debt, depletion and misinformation that currently block appropriate action.  We will then plant the seeds of a new vision of prosperity through a personalized account of the changes I/we have made.

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Sunday (Day 2), July 19, 9:00AM-4:00PM, Curtis Hotel, Denver CO 

We will take stock of our current predicament with a penetrating dive into current events and up-to-date news headlines.  We will help you assemble a "Crash Course Toolbox" that will help you to separate the facts from the hype, allowing you to process media content with a shrewd new layer of awareness. 

During the seminar, we will connect you with other concerned, like-minded individuals. Through lively group discussions and workshops, we will help you take stock of where you are in the process and generate an action list. You will be able to delve deeper into individual topics of the Crash Course, whether your focus is on finance, energy, or sustainable living.  We will help you process and come to terms with change on an emotional level, readying you to transform your life. 

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Throughout the two days of the seminar, you will find yourself in a supportive community that will offer an unparalleled opportunity to express yourself without fear of judgment.  You will be able to connect with others and, through collaboration, be better able to process the data and prepare your path forward.  You will learn from other participants, and find optimism for a future of true prosperity based on meaningful relationships.

In all of the feedback that we've received from past seminars, the one constant is the relief and power people obtain from (finally!) being able to connect with other people around the full suite of topics and issues that are found in the Crash Course. Please consider joining us! 

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Mike Pilat
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Re: Upcoming Colorado Seminars

Congratulations, Chris.

I must ask: Does Dr. Bartlett know about your upcoming visit?

Now, go back to vacationing! :)


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Re: Upcoming Colorado Seminars

Hilarious! My wife and I stayed at the Curtis Hotel last week for a vascular surgery conference. Small world. Perhaps I can talk her into a return visit so we can finally attend a CM conference!

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