Transition Towns Conference Files

Saturday, May 30, 2009, 4:59 PM

I had a great time presenting to the Transition Towns international conference on May 25 and 27th, 2009.  I did this by Webex, meaning I was in my office in the US while being projected on a screen with audio in the UK.  I thought the technology worked extremely well, and I would consider using it again in the future. 

I promised that I'd make the files used in my presentations freely available for downloading.  They are attached below.

As a reminder, Saturday was a high-level review of the main concepts in the Crash Course, plus a description of the difference between a problem and a predicament.

Monday included a review of the similarities and differences between the US and the UK that exist in the Crash Course.

To access the files, open this blog post by clicking on the link in the title, and then click on the file(s) you are interested in.


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Re: Transition Towns Conference Files

Is there any way to hear the UK parts of this presentation?



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Re: Transition Towns Conference Files

Many thanks for the two attachments from your UK lectures.

Regards, Sambhara (UK)


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Re: Transition Towns Conference Files


This is so exciting.  ... Don

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