Site update - we are migrating to our new server

Saturday, September 20, 2008, 12:21 PM

Over this next week, there will be big changes at the site.

First, the site has been completely overhauled.  Navigation will be different, comments will look and behave
differently, the forums will be different, the navigation, everything
will be slightly different or a lot different.

You may need to reset your bookmark afterwards to reflect your new preference for a landing spot.

Second, I have selected a new host, and we are getting a dedicated server that we will switch over to on Tuesday (if all goes smoothly).

What this means is that instead of sharing a server with ~370 other websites on a 10 mbs connection, we'll be sharing a server with nobody on a 100 mbs connection. Commenting and navigating will be faster, smoother, and far more agreeable than currently.

It is still not clear to me that I can afford to pay for all the bandwidth required...we'll have 2 terabytes, but we're on track to use 2.3 terabytes for this month....and paying for extra bandwidth is a real killer.  As in hundreds to thousands of dollars a month depending on how much we go over.

So I am thinking I will have to reproduce the entire Crash Course into a smaller, more highly compressed (low quality) version for the free part of the site, and then place the higher quality ones where subscribers can access them, with some sort of arrangement where they can also send some number of friends over. 

Or I need to figure out some other way of delivering that video content without incurring thousands of dollars of charges each month.  If you happen to have an internet operation with unlimited bandwidth into which I could tuck a server, let me know... At any rate, I just wanted to keep you apprised of what is going on behind the scenes over here.

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Joined: Sep 16 2008
Posts: 8
chris--not sure how you feel about google ads, but they can bring in a pretty penny if you're seeing that much traffic. easy to add and remove to a site... checks show up on a monthly basis. a few of my website clients don't have money to pay me every month for hosting and maintenance, so they've opted to have (non-competitive) google ads on their sites. it works! gertie & norris
Kjalnot's picture
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Joined: Aug 13 2008
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Did we mention it?
Hi Chris, Did we (users) mention how much we appreciate all you efforts? Well we do! We are forever in you debt (nowadays, everyone is in debt anyway, right?)!
markf57's picture
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Joined: Aug 25 2008
Posts: 62
Is youtube an option?
It seems to me that if you put the videos on youtube, that would solve most of the bandwidth issues. Is that an option?
Bill85's picture
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Joined: Sep 7 2008
Posts: 13
Exponential charts.
I really appreciate all the work you have put into this site and the info it contains. Thank you! Do you have any exponential charts that show site usage on the current server? :o) Cheers, Bill
tekewin's picture
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Joined: Sep 19 2008
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May not be anything left at the end of the week
I hope the site migration goes well. At the end of the week, there may not be much to comment on except how to improve the yield on your back yard garden!
Xflies's picture
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Joined: Aug 19 2008
Posts: 157
The folks at Youtube and Google might host it for you
They seem to be the type of corporation that would see value in the message you are trying to spread and may host your site for free... you never know if you don't ask. It might also help if people signed a petition to have Google/Youtube consider it. I'd sign it in a heartbeat along with the rest of my family.
joe2baba's picture
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Joined: Jun 17 2008
Posts: 807
crash course
hey chris i know you have had this suggestion before but you can get a bunch of dvd's burned pretty cheaply stick them in a plain brown wrapper and sell them. christmas is coming up and i can't think of a better stocking stuffer. put me down for 5 right now. i moved to the woods 37 years ago because of the information in the crash course that i had to read dozens of books to get. as an aside i don't know what other people are experiencing but very few people want to talk to me about this stuff anymore. there is a lot of denial out there. this course is a wake up call, it deserves wider distribution. i never had any problem with the speed of the site it always worked just fine but you know americans are the only people who will stand in front of a microwave screaming at it because the popcorn is taking too long.
NLP's picture
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Joined: Sep 5 2008
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A shout out from one social outcast to another
I hear you brother. No one wants to talk to me either. At first I was shocked. The Crash Course lays everything out there for consideration. It is provocative, compelling, and immediately caused me to take action. Denial is a powerful opiate. Thankfully my husband and my son get IT, and we have been busy making plans to greet the future keeping our eyes WIDE OPEN. I heartily concur on the CD idea-- or even mp3 downloads. I'm even considering putting the website on small business cards and leave them all around town.
rogermh's picture
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Joined: Jul 13 2008
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Dreamhost PS
Chris, I'd recommend that you check out Dreamhost. They're one of the largest hosting companies in the world. I host my low-traffic, personal website on a shared server with them and have had a good experience. Of course, you've found that for a high-traffic site like this, a shared server is inadequate. Dreamhost also offers "Virtual Private Servers" which you can find out more about here: You get dedicated CPU and memory which you can adjust on the fly to suit the needs of the site. The price should be better than a traditional dedicated server, but you should compare it with your current provider. You mentioned getting hit with large bandwidth charges - Dreamhost offers unlimited bandwidth!
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Joined: Sep 17 2008
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Hi Chris, I run a Photoshop
Hi Chris, I run a Photoshop video tutorials site and ran into the same issue you are having. My solution was to go and host all my videos there and embed the player on my own site. Now I don't pay a cent, no matter how much bandwidth I use. The quality is great, I don't lose any traffic to vimeo as people just watch it on my site, and occasionally I get traffic from vimeo. (Here's an example of what I'm doing). The only other option you really have would be to use Amazon S3, which, by my calculations, will cost you $391 for 2.3TB of traffic. If you decide to use S3, Check out a firefox plugin called S3Fox, which is what you'll need to put your files on S3.

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