Site still running slow - an update

Monday, September 15, 2008, 10:31 PM

Well, we've done our best and spent a lot of time and money trying to figure out why the site is slow.  Our solution is to move off of a shared server and get a dedicated server.

We should have this move completed within 7 days. 

This should vastly improve the speed and operation of the site.  This will increase costs quite a bit, but it's unacceptable to me that people should have to contend with a slow site.

Here's part of the issue...this is the past 30 days of traffic:

If you were ever wondering if you were alone out there, the answer is "no."

Also, regarding emails to me, I try to get to them all, but that is getting harder and harder. If a few days pass between when you send something and when I respond, that's often the best I can do.  Please feel free to resend an email if you think I've overlooked it...I may have.

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Slow site & E-mails
Hello Chris, Regarding e-mails... Much of your correspondance must cover the same ground, or have very similar themes. Why not create a FAQ page to deal with the issues that are raised often enough to you in emails and in site comments? Also, I think you should know that it is altruistically beyond the call for you to worry about the speed of the site. This is what everybody in the world had to deal with using dialup until just a few years ago. Considering the wealth of information and research which you present here without charge, I think that the effort you take to make it easily accessible is almost heroic!
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i totally agree with jrf29
i totally agree with jrf29 dont sweat the small stuff you are doing an amazing job and an incredible service. i have shared this site with dozens of people. i think the faqs are a great idea and perhaps a glossary of technical terms and abbreviations....of course in your spare time, and take a bath
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Erik T.
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Hi All, While it's thoughtful to post comments reassuring Chris that his efforts are appreciated even if the site is slow, the bottom line is that Chris is right: This is a very important message, and having the site operating at full speed is essential to not loosing audience share. Problem is, this all costs money. Chris has already spent a ridiculous amount of his own money on this site, and he is very hesitant to ask for financial support from his fans because he doesn't want to give the impression of being "in it for the money", which really is not his gig.


I was so profoundly impressed with Chris' work that I sent him a donation for $5,000. I'm not saying that I would expect others to donate such an amount, but the deal here is that this guy is single-handedly trying to save the world, and he's making a hell of an impact. Despite having tiny resources by comparison, this site already gets more traffic than and COMBINED, and that's despite the spike in traffic those sites have seen in the wake of the film IOUSA and the Biden nomination. (Biden was involved with The Concord Coalition). Come on, folks, take a minute and ask yourself what this work Chris is doing means to you. It just might give you the insight to save yourself and your family from financial ruin. If you can afford to make a donation, Chris really needs the help. He won't ask for it - not his style.


But he really needs all of us to ante up for the cause. So please, think about sending him a donation for his efforts. When the web site slows down to unacceptable performance, Chris has been reaching in HIS OWN pocket to fund upgrades to make this information available to all of you. He has no profit motive - he's just an extraordinarily generous, thoughtful and patriotic guy. Please do what you can to help. I did, and I feel great about myself as a result.


Erik Townsend


p.s. In case anyone is wondering, no, Chris isn't aware that I'm posting this, and didn't ask me to.

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Send Money Cont.
If you are cheap like me you can sign up for the paid membership. You get a few extra perks and emails. Although it does not come with an autographed picture of Chris or a T-shirt saying "1200 banks ready to pop." Why does that song 99 bottles of beer come to mind, " take one down pass it around...1199..." I think we are all in favor of helping out.
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RE: Send Money
I agree there should be monetary rewards for this outstanding site and the emailed news letters have been invaluable information for me - and I LOVE watching the next day unfold as Chris predicted. Thanks for keeping me in the "know". Now - I went to look into the Seminar and see how much $ it was and how to sign up. I couldn't find the details but would really like more info. IF for some unknown reason I could not attend - then could you make the video available?

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