Seminar in Lowesville - an update

Thursday, April 16, 2009, 9:29 AM

Two quick items on the Lowesville seminar:

  1. The last day to register is Sunday, April 19th.  This is to accommodate the conference center's need to order food and make other preparations. There are a few spots left.
  2. Becca and I have been rearranging and improving the flow and various elements of the seminar and are quite excited by the progress we've made.  Giving a good seminar is part science, part art, and a lot of hard work.  We are constantly improving the seminar, even though the last one was described by the Rowe Center director as among the best he's seen (and he's seen a lot).  No resting on our laurels around here.

For more information, here's a link to a post describing the benefits of the seminar.

Here's how a participant at the last seminar in Rowe MA described it in a recent comment to the site:

If you are unsure about attending Lowesville or not - go. I can't put into words just how valuable that experience will be. I went to Rowe and it was incredible. If I wasn't coincidentally in the midst of carrying out the exact advice in Chris' report I would be going as well. What could I gain by going a second time? Most importantly, the ability to better conduct my own presentations of Chris and Becca's material in my own community and take a leadership role to encourage those around me to prepare.

Here's my quick interpretation of why Rowe was so amazing....

Consider how this site works: people post something interesting on a forum, your read it, maybe you add your thoughts, or watch the discussion develop. Works pretty well.

Now imagine that some really dedicated people, including many people that never post on this site but are fully engaged with the website, will all be working in a "forum" live. What does this mean?

Lightning in a bottle.


We sincerely hope to see you there.  We are going to have a great time, and you will leave inspired and uplifted.

Chris Martenson


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Re: Seminar in Lowesville - an update

I'm there... dragged my friend to come with me too... Flying in from NYC! Can't wait....





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