A quick update

Friday, January 23, 2009, 9:27 AM

I just wanted to give a quick update on why I have been a bit silent on the blog lately.

Today I am shooting a live studio audience piece with WGBY (PBS) of Springfield, MA.  I have been preparing, squishing, practicing, amending, rewriting, and augmenting a few Crash Course elements to fit into a 3x10 minute set of slots.

WGBY will use this material during their upcoming fund drive in February.  If successful, there's every chance that other PBS stations will pick it up and use it as well.

Also, I have been working double overtime on producing the next generation of the Crash Course DVD.  There was video to shoot, a full re-edit and mastering of the three new DVDs that comprise the new Crash Course disc set, and creating associated study guide and presenter pack materials to make it all much easier to present and digest.

And of course, preparing for the Rowe seminar is part of the recent task list as well.  We have an excellent crowd coming for that and I want to deliver the very best seminar possible.

And being a dad and a husband fits into all this as well.  And running a website.  And getting to what emails I can.

Other than that, I have been lolling about.


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Amanda Witman
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Re: A quick update

What a slacker! 

(Just kidding.) 

Good luck today at the PBS shoot!

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Re: A quick update

Yes, I think PBS viewership is a great market to reach and I was excited to read that you've gotten the opportunity to do so!

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Re: A quick update

Chris - Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the work you have done.  Watching the video's has really helped me understand what's going on and the implications for the policy decisions that are being made now.  Good luck with the PBS show and I hope to get a chance to see it.

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Re: A quick update


Thanks for your great efforts!  Don't forget the suntan as well. 

As regards your Rowe Conference, I attended a conference last weekend which was "broadcast" to paid subscribers live from the event and that seems like a good way to extend your reach. I would be happy to "register" for such an event if it were available.

Are you going to be offering the  Rowe Conference on CD?  I would be interested in purchasing a copy if you do. This would allow for conducting local events and getting the word out. That said I would think that there should be a charge for the CD that would cover the cost of filming, editing and creating and shipping the CD to keep the energy returning to the source.


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Re: A quick update

Three cheers!  A cheer for the PBS special, a cheer for the new version of the CC, and an especially loud cheer for Chris himself!  Then a prayer that he will take a well deserved break before he burns himself out!

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Chris Martenson for Secretary of the Treasury

Hooray, about the PBS show.  Stations tend to run these things several times.  Hope it gets around to all the PBS stations.   This should help in our desire to get you, Chris, named as the new Secretary of the Treasury, after this Geitner guy proves how un-qualified he really is.

Martenson for Secretary of the Treasury.   Are you listening President Obama? 

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Good work!

Hey Chris

 I have been learning from and watching your site since late 2006 when I stumbled upon it during a college research project and I have to say that I am really happy to see you succeed with this.  The information that you provided me at that time sent me on a very different path in life.  So many doors have been opened for me because I can clearly see whats going on in the economy and the world!  Its funny how that knowledge combined with my will to teach it to others has provided me with numerous contacts and new friends that I would have never had before.  Well thanks again and I will always smile when I hear that you are succeeding.  -Dan


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Mike Pilat
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Re: A quick update

Thank you so much for all the hard work, Chris. I don't know when you ever get a chance to sleep or raise turkeys, for that matter.

I look forward to the next gen CC!


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