Now Available in German: Der Crash Course!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011, 4:38 PM

Today we're happy to announce the release of the German version of the Crash Course video series. (If you speak the language, click here to read this post in German)

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This is a significant milestone. Our site has more visitors from Germany than any other non-English-speaking country, so we know there's a lot of interest there for the material we deal with. Having the video series now translated into the native language should enable a much larger percentage of the population to become part of the dialogue in how we should deal with and prepare for the coming post-Peak Oil future.

This release could hardly be more timely with the leadership role Germany is currently playing in the ongoing EU fiscal crisis. The past choices of the German people have left them with a stronger economy (relatively speaking) than many of their neighbors. The choices they make now will heavily influence how the current economic crisis plays out - within Europe and without.

Germany has also long been more forward-thinking about its energy and sustainability policies than most developed nations (especially versus the US). As we enter the post-Peak Oil era, other countries will do well to tap the German mindset and expertise. Our hope is this new translated series will help mobilize even more thinking and action inside this important bellwether country.

It's difficult to give enough thanks to the team that created this German version of the Crash Course. They did so on a completely volunteer basis with virtually no support. The process took many months and, I think it's fair to say, contained many more technical challenges than the team signed up for. But through their perseverance, they created an excellent product and in the process, rebuilt all of the videos in mp4 format, which will make it much easier for future volunteers to translate the videos into other languages.

We cannot thank these talented individuals, lead by Mark Ita, enough for their dedication and contribution. They are:

Knowing better than anybody the work required, Chris is amazed at the results saying, “This is a phenomenal effort by a group that deserves high praise for both the technical results, which are superb, and their level of commitment. I congratulate their results, applaud their perseverance, and know that their countrymen and German speaking folks everywhere owe them a similar debt of gratitude.”

This German version of the Crash Course joins the existing Spanish and French versions. We also have completed subtitles in Portugese and Slovak as well as in-progress subtitles in Italian, Hebrew and Dutch. If you have interest in working on a version for your country (we're particularly eager for Chinese and Japanese translations), please send us an email.



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Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Ich hatte gehofft, Übersetzungen von The Crash Course in weitere Sprachen zu sehen. Ich hoffe, Übersetzungen in Chinesisch und Arabisch Sprachen werden ebenfalls verfügbar sein.


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Arthur Robey
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Russian child bride and insanity.

Pretty please do the crash course in Russian for my child bride so that she understands the foundations of my insanity.

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our perfect appreciation... :-) for Chris

Hi Chris, we   -the swiss-german team-  dedicated lot's of time to this project. Take this for our appreciation of Your work. Hopefully and probably the number of people whom will be ready to dive into such content will increase very fast.

Now we will start to share the CC to people nearby and unknown ones. Good luck to this new project.


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bitTorrent iso DVD of the german crash course

I greatly suggest you to make a DVD iso so it can be seeded via bit torrent like the NTSC and PAL english version.

Personnaly i have been seeding "the crash course" 24/7 for more than 3 months, helping to upload close to 100 copies to people i haven't even met.

I would be glad to do it with the German version or the spanish version (that i have just discovered).



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I can't help but ask- are your fellow Germans blind with rage about bailing out Greece et al?  And, is/are there any discussion(s) about the might and strength of Germany resting on the withering elite ranks of endebted countries such as ours (USA) and others - at least those (most) that can print their own currency in a race to the bottom?  No time for polite chit-chat, sorry.   Very envious, I tried to learn German - it was like trying to soak up water with a brick....Welcome! 

P.S. Its not what you say around here that gets you in trouble with the "Politenes Police", its how you say it.......

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isora wrote: Hi Chris, we  
isora wrote:

Hi Chris, we   -the swiss-german team-  dedicated lot's of time to this project. Take this for our appreciation of Your work. Hopefully and probably the number of people whom will be ready to dive into such content will increase very fast.

Now we will start to share the CC to people nearby and unknown ones. Good luck to this new project.


To the entire team:

This is a truly spectacular piece of work and one that I personally appreciate knowing the amount of time it had to take.  I congratulate you for the dedication and selfless nature of your gift to German speaking people everywhere.  

Hopefully it can shine some light on the workings of the system at a critical time in history.  Certainly the idea of money and how it is created is quite central to the concerns of the average German citizen at the moment, or at least should be.  

Your efforts will give the messages of the Crash Course a much better chance of reaching a new and wider audience.  

Well done and thank you!


Chris Martenson

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German DVD

Hi, is there any German Version of the  DVD to download or to buy ?

I already downloaded the English Version, but it was to much for my dad to understand, or to click  throuh all single chapters on your website.

So please let me know if there is something available.

Thanks a lot for all your great work !


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