The New Site is (Finally!) Here

The long wait is almost over
Monday, June 11, 2012, 10:12 AM

At long last, the new site is ready for launch!

We're very proud and excited about it. There's a lot to bring you up to speed on, so let's dive right in.

First: while we migrate over to the new site over the next several days, this site will be frozen in "read only" mode -- meaning you won't be able to post comments to articles or Forum threads, or purchase an enrollment. 

The migration process should take 2-3 days. Once it's completed, the new site will replace this one. We're hoping everything is up and running by Friday (but you never know how complicated switchovers like this will go, so please keep your fingers crossed!).

Second: here's what WON'T be changing with the new site -- all of the past content will be available on the new site. All of the articles, comments, guides, Forum threads, etc on the site today will still readily be found after we make the site switchover. 

You should look at this new site as keeping all of the things you like about, AND adding a bunch of new improvements and features to make the experience even better.

Third: so what should you expect from the new site?

Well, it's probably just easier to show you. Take a few minutes to watch the video below, which gives an overview of the new site (and the new brand!). FYI: it's much easier to view in "full screen" mode:

[swf file="" width="640" height="360" flashvars="image="]

(To see a hi-resolution image of the new site, click here.)

More Resources for Building Resiliency

A *major* goal of the new site is to offer much more support to those looking to build resiliency at the personal or community level.

To that end, we've created a channel within the new site specifically dedicated to this. It puts all of the resiliency-building content from into one, centralized place -- plus complements it with powerful new tools and features.

The video below will give you a good picture of what I'm talking about. Remember to view in "full screen" mode, if possible:

[swf file="" width="640" height="360" flashvars="image="]

Groups & Wikis

In particular, the new Groups and Wiki features are worthy of highlight. For years, site readers have been asking us to help them find and connect with like-minded people in their local areas. Now you can.

And readers have long lamented that the Definitive threads in the Forums have become too unwieldy; that they're so long now that it's become too cumbersome to sift through the hundreds of comments. The new Wikis are designed to capture and concisely present the communal expertise of this site community.

You can get a better sense of the new Groups and Wiki features by watching this short video clip:

[swf file="" width="640" height="360" flashvars="image="]

This new site represents more than a year's effort by a very dedicated team to evolve and improve the website experience based on your feedback. We hope we've done our job well -- but let us know what you think. When the new site is live, there will be a "Feedback" button on the left hand side. Please take a moment to share your reaction with us -- especially if you encounter any glitches!

We're thrilled and proud to bring to you. And we're extremely excited about how much we will all be able to do together using this new platform to build awareness of the Three Es among larger and larger audiences, and to encourage and enable more and more individuals and communities to take informed action.

See you on the new site!



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Denny Johnson's picture
Denny Johnson
Status: Gold Member (Offline)
Joined: Aug 13 2008
Posts: 348

Look like you've done a great job, thanks.

Rector's picture
Status: Platinum Member (Offline)
Joined: Feb 7 2010
Posts: 518
Fine Job!

I can't wait. 

saxplayer00o1's picture
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Jul 30 2009
Posts: 4261
Financial updates

I'll still be tracking the latest news, but the Comments section will be down for a couple of days. Any ideas as to where to post until then?

Travlin's picture
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Apr 15 2010
Posts: 1322
Looks good

The new site looks very good.  Travlin

Romans12.2's picture
Status: Silver Member (Offline)
Joined: Jul 14 2009
Posts: 227
Trying to see new site

Why won't my user name and password work at peak

Poet's picture
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Jan 21 2009
Posts: 1892
Sweet Prosperity!

Sweet! Glad to see this new site. I look forward to reading the wikis and participating in groups!


Adam Taggart's picture
Adam Taggart
Status: Peak Prosperity Co-founder (Offline)
Joined: May 26 2009
Posts: 3248

Email notable headlines to me as you find them. I'll push out to our Facebook and Twitter groups over the next few days while the site is being worked on. 

saxplayer00o1's picture
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Jul 30 2009
Posts: 4261

Thanks Adam. Things in Europe are getting rather interesting and this way we don't miss anything important.

Adam Taggart's picture
Adam Taggart
Status: Peak Prosperity Co-founder (Offline)
Joined: May 26 2009
Posts: 3248
Romans is in the process of being replaced by This transition, which has just started, will take about 2-3 days. 

During the transition period, only will be available to the general public. But, it will be in "read only" mode - you won't be able to contribute to the site (make comments, etc).

It sounds like you've gone directly to If you have, you've been asked for log-in credentials  to access the site. That's because it's not available to the public during this short transition period.

If all goes well, by the end of the week will go away and be replaced with And Peak Prosperity will be open and accessible to the general public.

Even if you type in the URL, you'll be redirected to the new Peak Prosperity site.

In the interim, you can get a pretty good sense for what to expect from the new site by watching the videos provided in the post above.

Hope this helps.


Arthur Robey's picture
Arthur Robey
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Feb 4 2010
Posts: 3936
Spelling checker.

Wow. Is that professional or wot?

How about a spell checker for the comments GUI? It will save me much embarassment.

thatchmo's picture
Status: Gold Member (Offline)
Joined: Dec 14 2008
Posts: 479

Change is good.  Change is exciting.  It's even better when it can be labeled an "improvement".  This looks GREAT.  I'm especially impressed by the new title "Peak Prosperity".  It will be so much easier to suggest that to folks, rather than "Go to and see the Crash Course.  Crisis burnout and the bummer effect, etc.  But focusing on the potential for a higher quality of life if one prepares is a more engaging and positive sell.  This is gonna be great.  Thanks in advance to all the CM crew for making this happen for us!  Hawaiian vacations for all of you!   Aloha, Steve.

Johnny Oxygen's picture
Johnny Oxygen
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Sep 9 2009
Posts: 1443

Looks Great!

Honorius's picture
Status: Member (Offline)
Joined: Oct 13 2011
Posts: 9
Big Thumbs Up

Dear Adam and CM Folk,

Just a quickie to say congratgulations on the new site and all your hard work.  First impressions are it looks great - and far easier to navigate.

I'm looking forward to exploring the new features.

Best wishes

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