New Podcast Ready for Subscribers

Sunday, January 11, 2009, 8:12 AM

The next podcast is up and ready for subscribers.  This second podcast went better than the first from a production standpoint, although I already have a raft of ideas for how to improve the third.

In this one, Becca Martenson joins me as the co-host.

As always, keep your questions coming!  They are the best part.


In this podcast entitled The Last Great Bubble, Chris discusses market activity for the past week,  employment and unemployment data, and the possibility of another great bubble in bonds hiding in plain sight before addressing subscriber questions.

If a last great bubble lurks in our near future,  then an enormous advantage exists for those that can either step aside or take temporary advantage of its bursting.

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Re: New Podcast Ready for Subscribers

Thanks Chris.

Besides those 2 foreign wars you mention, one could add in the entire bag of wars currently being waged against American citizens.

Some of these "homeland wars" include the multi decade, multi billion dollar war on "drugs", the war on free speech, free travel, free press, free science and so on.  All of these government concocted "civil" wars have been greatly enhanced and lavishly funded over the last decade or so. 

The two more heavily militarized wars you were probably referring to serve to continue our theft of foreign resources (oil) and to continued an excuse for the degradation of human rights and freedoms everywhere. These shooting also work wonders for transferring huge sums of cash from the many to the few without accountability and without accomplishing anything positive or productive for society. Nothing productive that is, unless one considers dividing the nation into various adversarial waring factions a useful tactic.


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Re: New Podcast Ready for Subscribers

Hello Chris and the PodCast Crew:

Super show, I was able to listen to 1/2 of it on my way to and from an appointment on my iPod as I drove. One thing that jumped out at me about "The Last Great Bubble" was the reference to a bubble being something everyone hasn't identified yet. I can't wait to finish this. Again 4 stars out of 4!

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Re: New Podcast Ready for Subscribers

Chris, Erik and Others...


Superb Explanations.  Per podcast suggestion by Chris, have asked three questions in subscribers section to please expand on.



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Re: New Podcast Ready for Subscribers
A subscription to this web site will generate IMMEDIATE return on your
investment... today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.  I don't want any
of you to miss what Chris is sharing during the podcast and in the Martenson
For all of you out there who are frequent visitors or posters and are
debating whether or not to subscribe, try it out for a month or two.  If after
that you don't think $30 a month or $80 a quarter is worth it, at least you'll
know where your money went.  The subscription price is a couple of movies you
don't see, a few Pizza Hut deliveries that don't happen or a few trips to
McDonalds you can do without. 
Chris, thank you for sharing your research, knowledge, wisdom and for
another excellent podcast! 
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Re: New Podcast Ready for Subscribers

Top notch Chris, as always.   I love the podcasts because I can bop around my lab working and listen to them.

As to the economic patterns, I used to be a river guide in Colorado. And whitewater was always more fun than calm and smooth water (as pretty as it is), so I guess our excitement is really starting to build!  Paddle faster and pass the beer!

Cheers bud,

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Why "The 'Last' Great Bubble?

Thoroughly enjoyed the podcast, espec. the first subscriber question which was mine.  Seriously though, it was really great in many ways.

I have a question . . . and although I have an answer in my head I don't want to prejudice the responses. 

So here is my question:  Why is it "The LAST Great Bubble?"  Why not simply "The NEXT Great Bubble?" 

Chris, if you could tell us why you chose LAST, that would be great.  Rampant speculation by anyone else also welcome.

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