New Martenson Report Ready

Tuesday, October 28, 2008, 9:12 PM

LINK:  Market Predictions and Outlook Update

In this report I will review the advice and predictions I made on May 27th of 2008 (exactly 5 months ago) in a report entitled Charting a Course Through the Recession
In striving to be accurate, fair, and complete, and in the spirit of
constant improvement, it’s important to review where we went right and
where we went wrong.  I’m pleased to say that many of my predictions were right on target.  I
didn’t anticipate such an aggressive dollar advance, but now I see this
trend continuing for just a bit longer before resuming its descent.  I am continuing to recommend some of
the same prudent actions as always.  Stay out of debt, keep cash close
by, get some money out of the dollar (gold), and know your neighbors. 
And stay tuned for future reports.

Note:  This report is for subscribers only.

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Re: New Martenson Report Ready


The crash course is prominently placed on Anglo Far East Bullion companies website. Congrats!








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Re: New Martenson Report Ready

Chris, love the promo for the Crash Course that Jeremy reports above, on the Anglo Far East Bullion company's website! 

One constructive suggestion, and I guess this is assuming you or Eric were the ones who put the link there.  There needs to be a few word description of what your Crash Course is about, along with the link,  to hook people's interest into checking the link out.  I know I wouldn't normally click on a link for a course unless the description of the course material triggered my interest.

Good luck!

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Re: New Martenson Report Ready

Chris Martenson said:

I didn’t anticipate such an aggressive dollar advance, but now I see this trend continuing for just a bit longer before resuming its descent.

Confusion reigns: A crisis-driven global rush to dollar liquidity is not deflation

In the crisis stage of a debt deflation, defined by Fisher and Minsky as a reduction in debt financing, credit and money market panic causes banks to stop lending and borrowing from each other, pay off existing loans to shore up their balance sheets, and build reserves against expected future losses. This creates a short term spike in demand for the currency in which the debt is denominated, in the current case dollars. To the uninitiated, this looks like monetary deflation. A strengthening currency and falling interest rates also characterizes monetary deflation. That can in time produce commodity price deflation, so the confusion is understandable. But don't be fooled.

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Re: New Martenson Report Ready


Chris (and anyone else who cares to chime in):

 What is your current view of currency diversification?  I recall from earlier materials your suggestion that we diversify out of the dollar and that you held some currency in Euros.  I hold dollars, Euros, and (because being paid in this currency) some Turkish lira.  Obviously, the Euro has lost ground over the last few months and there are concerns about its ability to withstand future crisis (as you note yourself in this Report), so I now wonder if its not time to move out, or hold on.  Any thoughts here? 

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Re: New Martenson Report Ready


Our debt is 43 trrillion greater than quoted on CNN and our GDP is probably 40% less.

Maybe I'm stupid, but that spells E N R O N 

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