My personal view on the markets

Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 7:54 AM
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My sentiments EXACTLY.....
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Wow. Great, scary analogy.
Wow. Great, scary analogy. Perfectly appropriate.
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bridge to nowhwere
that's hilarious unfortunately we are on the bridge
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Buy Gold !
I seen this coming and told all my friends 2 years ago buy gold. some took my advice, thier very happy now. the others are crying! This is just the start hold on to your hats boys and girls the ride is going to get ruff from here on out.
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Tacoma Narrows
Great analogy -- New technologies applied in a setting that is fundamentally different from any other use of it... natural forces at work in the canyon set up a resonance wave in the bridge, which then amplified past the point where the infrastructure could take it.

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