More information on the upcoming Rowe conference

Monday, January 5, 2009, 11:05 AM

There are still a few spots available at Rowe.  We know, it's neither in a particularly warm nor accessible place  (especially in Feb!), but it's a unique place and we had a very powerful experience there last year.  This year will be even better.

Many of you have been looking for some more information regarding the content of the Rowe Seminar (Feb 6-8, Rowe MA). Quite a few of you have wondered whether there will be anything you don’t already know from having already watched the Crash Course.

This post will hopefully answer your questions.

Our goal for the seminar is to get every participant to a place where he or she is ready to take action to help better position him or herself for the changing future.

In order to achieve this goal, we follow three threads throughout the weekend

  1. We will examine current economic data as it relates to the Crash Course material, including updates to the information that has transpired since the development of the Crash Course.
  2. We will examine our limiting and enhancing beliefs about money and our ability to effect change in our lives.
  3. We will determine what actions you/we should take in response to the previous two thread.

This year, the Crash Course will be required “reading” for the conference. Last year when we did this same seminar at Rowe, the Crash Course did not exist as an on-line or DVD offering, and 1/3 of the time was spent introducing this data. This year participants will have an opportunity to watch the Crash Course in advance, make notes of any questions that arise which Chris will address during the seminar.

While everyone might have an awareness of the data, reviewing always helps to deepen our understanding. Chris is obviously very familiar with the material, and yet he deepens his understanding every time he presents the material. Becca says, “I’ve heard the material in seminars at least 25 times, and I still get something new each time!”

In addition to Q and A about the Crash Course, participants will have a chance to choose a few chapters into which we can dive deeper into the material. There are reams of additional material that Chris couldn’t fit into the course that he can bring forward in the seminar. For example, derivatives, alternative energy, water, and the trade deficit come to mind.

Chris will also be reviewing the economic events of the last year, connecting the dots in his own unique way, and relating the events to the ideas presented in the Crash Course.

The second thread woven throughout the presentation is an examination of our beliefs. So many times we read important material and we KNOW we must make changes in response to it and yet we don’t. We stay entrenched in our familiar, comfortable patterns and wonder why it is so hard to change.

During the seminar, we offer the opportunity to uncover the deeply held and often unconscious beliefs that keep us tethered to the current paradigm, and suggest ways to choose alternate beliefs that are more aligned with a changing future. This is deep work that has implications for all of our lives, not just in relationship to the economy.

In the final portion of the seminar we will dive into the question of what to do. While the specific answers are unique for each of us, there are some general recommendations we can make to help you protect your assets. Each participant will leave with a concrete “to do” list and information needed to get it done. We will examine our self-assessments and see where the gaps are that need filling.

Tying the 3 threads together is the most important element of the seminar - the community of like-minded individuals we create in the moment. One of the greatest gifts of the weekend is to be able to sit with a whole roomful of folks who understand that the current paradigm is broken; to be able to ask questions of Chris in the moment and process with others over a meal instead of over the Internet.

It can be a lonely world out there, when the majority of people aren't able to see a reality different than what is projected by the mainstream media. Of course as events unfold, more and more people are waking from their slumber, but there is not yet a critical mass. Spending time with a community of others who don't need to be convinced of your world view can relieve a tension we hold when we are the lone voice in the crowd.

We hope this gives you the information you need to decide to join us at Rowe.

Thank you,

Chris and Becca

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Re: More information on the upcomming Rowe conference



You've correctly mentioned often, and most recently in your in "Plan Of Action" post from 31 December 2008; about the role of understanding as a/the primary goal.

Chris Martenson wrote:

The Theory of Action

My position on actions is that solutions should come from a position of understanding. I believe it is premature to discuss specific solutions until and unless true understanding has been achieved. Preceding understanding is awareness, and the prerequisite of awareness is a lack of denial.

What about taping of this Conference and eventually making available (say to subscribers) for review?   To improve understanding, we must pursue a process of communication and education...posting could enhance this.  Consider many of us are constrained (time, money, priorities) toward attendance.

Please ponder this and would be grateful in hearing your views on this.  It escapes me why this wouldn't benefit everyone and the cause.





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Re: More information on the upcoming Rowe conference

This sounds like a neat event, but it is soooo far from Seattle, and it's not even warm over there. All future conferences should be in Florida, or Aruba... yes, Aruba!

Are there any interesting tourist destinations, cultural activities, or good ski runs in the area? That is too long of a flight to just hang out for a weekend. :)

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Re: More information on the upcoming Rowe conference

Aruba?? I'd pick Hawaii over Aruba. How about a sustainable farm somewhere in the middle like say .....Missouri or Nebraska?

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