Meet Chris In San Francisco

Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 4:11 PM

Hello!  I will be traveling to San Francisco on Friday, January 22, 2010 to attend a retreat for Post Carbon Institute Fellows, meet with a publisher, and give a talk at the Commonwealth Club.

I plan to remain there for a week.  I'm looking to make the most of time out there and have some availability, so if you have any ideas for people, institutions or places I should definitely visit, please either let me know below in the comments area or contact my assistant Megan by email.

I am also available to meet with individuals on a personal basis and/or to speak to a group, corporation, or foundation of your choosing during that time.

Or perhaps we could select a bar or dinner spot for an informal gathering?  That could be fun.

Here's my schedule so far:

Friday 1/22:  12PM Tentatively scheduled meeting with publisher, 6PM Post-Carbon Fellows Retreat begins

Saturday 1/23:  Post Carbon Fellows Retreat

Sunday 1/24:  Post Carbon Fellows Retreat during day, evening may be free

Monday 1/25:  FREE

Tuesday 1/26:  5:30PM - 7:30PM Commonwealth Club (tickets available here: Chris at The Commonwealth Club)

Wednesday 1/27: TBD - Lunch or Dinner with BALLE members

Thursday 1/28:  FREE

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Re: Meet Chris In San Francisco

Hi Chris,

It's great to hear that you're headed out this way! (finally ;-)  I'd like to see you and to be part of any informal gathering or dinner that might be set up, if we can work it out.  I also would be very interested in meeting other folks in the Bay Area here who have been following your work and who appreciate it as much as I have.

Also, I used to be active in the local non-profit community here, and might be able to facilitate some connections to some local groups working along related lines, if that's useful, or help put out the word on your Commonwealth talk if that's needed.  For example, a friend and former colleague of mine co-founded and helps run Bay Localize,, a non-profit with programs to working toward localizing Bay Area food, energy and other support systems and making them more resilient.  I know some other people/organizations who might be interested either in hooking up with you, having you present, or in helping publicize the Commonwealth talk with their mailing lists.

I look forward to being further in touch as your plans develop!


Kelly Jones (kelvinator)


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Erik T.
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Jump on the Commonwealth Club opportunity, gang!

Hi everyone,

As a former Commonwealth Club member, I strongly advise that everyone in the Bay Area who is interested in meeting Chris in person and attending his live talk on peak oil should BOOK TICKETS NOW. These events at the Commonwealth Club often sell out, and they give members preference over non-members for tickets when the supply starts to get low. Tickets are only $15 for non-members, so if you can be in SF on Jan 26th I suggest you buy your tickets early before they sell out.

I'm so jealous that I won't be able to attend myself, but I'll be back here in Hong Kong. Chris, when you're ready to come speak in Hong Kong, let me know and I'll get to work on the folks at the Foreign Correspondent's Club.




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Re: Meet Chris In San Francisco

Hi Chris,

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area as well. I am definitely interested to meet up with you and anyone else who has been following your blog. Pls let me know where and how you (or anyone else) would like to meet. Also, do feel free to let me know if there is anything I can help you with while you are here...

BTW, I have booked to attend your talk at The Commonwealth Club! I just hope my request NOT to work that evening will be granted :)

See you, Chris!


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Re: Meet Chris In San Francisco

BTW, I have emailed a few people asking if they are interest to arrange for you to speak at their meetings.

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Re: Meet Chris In San Francisco


If you have a meet-up in the bay area I would like to be there with a few questions and to meet others in the Bay Area who understand what you are teaching.    

I will be ordering tickets to the Commonwealth Club as soon as I know if my grandson will be coming with us.  Hopefully I will bring my wife and grandson 18.  They are both familiar with your work.

I have four grown professional children in the area also, but only the 18 year old grandson gets peak oil and has taken the Crash Course.   He is now taking two economics courses and has pointed out to me some of the things they are teaching that are just plain wrong.     

Arlen Comfort   -   Menlo Park 



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