Help Wanted: Is Looking to Hire a Content Manager

Wednesday, July 27, 2011, 2:18 PM

The team is looking to add another member to its staff. Specifically, we’re seeking a talented individual to help us manage, increase & improve the content here on the site.

I posted this job opening to the forums a few weeks back and have received some good leads so far; but am elevating it here to tap the full power of the CM community's web of contacts. This is such an important role that we want to make sure we've hunted far and wide for the best fit.

Essentially, this position will be responsible for the logistics of publishing new content to the site as well as working with us on content strategy and development. A detailed job description with requirements will be provided to interested applicants.

Do you know a QUALITY (can’t stress this enough) candidate who may have interest in this position? Possibly even you?

The kind of person we’re looking for must:

  • Understand and have a passion for the themes laid out in The Crash Course
  • Bring a hardworking, dedicated, dependable work-ethic
  • Have at least several years relevant experience working for an Internet-based business
  • Be a quality individual (i.e. someone you like/respect and would want working with you)

We have big plans underway for the site and will need this person on board to execute them well, so we’re looking to fill the role sooner vs later. But given the importance of the position, we’ll take whatever time is necessary to make sure we hire the right fit.

If you know of someone who would be excellent in this role, please have them send me an email and I’ll follow up with them directly with details on the job description & requirements.

Thanks for helping us make even more valuable for our readers!


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Content Manager.

I sincerely hope you find the right person.

Best wishes.

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Some Additional Questions on Specifics

Hi Adam:


1. Is this a full time job or a part-time job? Or, if the hours vary from week to week, is this hourly or salaried, and what kind of time commitment are you looking for?

2. Is this a "work from home" kind of job?

3. Will this job require travel?

I may have a few people I know, who may be interested, depending on what I know of their qualifications and your requirements.


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Adam Taggart
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Thanks for the help. If you want me to send you the full job description to pass along after reading the answers below, email me.

1. Is this a full time job or a part-time job? Or, if the hours vary from week to week, is this hourly or salaried, and what kind of time commitment are you looking for?

This is expected to be a full-time commitment.

2. Is this a "work from home" kind of job?

It can be. It's certainly a "work remotely" kind of job. The points to emphasize here are:

  • Talent will trump location. We're pretty agnostic as to where the work is done from  (though US time zones strongly preferred) as long as it's done well and on-schedule 
  • Succeding in this role will require focus and commitment. Working in spare moments between other commitments during the day isn't realistic for the responsibilities.

3. Will this job require travel?

Little. I envision perhaps 1-2x year, mostly for rare in-person gatherings of the full team. I do have hopes of this person eventually visiting key media partners to develop strategic partnerships; but that likely won't be for some time.

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