Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 26, 2009, 9:16 AM

For all the US citizens, enjoy this day, be with your loved ones, and celebrate all that you have to be thankful for. 

For everyone, what are you grateful for?

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MarkP's picture
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Joined: Dec 13 2008
Posts: 16
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful to have my health, my family and the heightened awareness that the community you have created has brought me.  Thank you, Chris.


Cheers to all,



Full Moon's picture
Full Moon
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Joined: Oct 14 2008
Posts: 1258
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

 The Blessings are to Bountiful to count  !     First I am thankful we have a day to slow down and remember how blessed we truly  are and that we have friends and family to share them with.   Mostly don't you think that people just want to know that they count , that they have value, that somebody loves them ?

VeganDB12's picture
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Joined: Jul 18 2008
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, this community is a gift. Thank you Chris and family.

I am grateful for my loved ones, human and critter, and the opportunities this country has allowed me throughout my life (despite current circumstances and problems) I know I am very fortunate to be alive in this place at this time.

Best to all

griffin's picture
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Joined: Apr 21 2009
Posts: 6
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Hello All,

I am grateful for my family, my health and the roof over my head. I am also happy to wake up each day and enjoy life.

I know we all are worried about the rest of the "stuff" going down, but I am putting all that on hold today and just being grateful for what really matters.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thubten Jampel's picture
Thubten Jampel
Status: Member (Offline)
Joined: Nov 26 2009
Posts: 2
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful for my spiritual practice in these precarious time, it is waiver with the value of the dollar.

I am also grateful for the monks who showed your video at our recent gathering, and thereby alerted me to the reality of our situation.

Thanx Chris


Juli B's picture
Juli B
Status: Bronze Member (Offline)
Joined: Jan 28 2009
Posts: 87
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Chris and everyone here,

I am grateful for this community--I am grateful for the knowledge and experience and perspectives shared here daily. I am grateful for the clarity brought forward by acceptance of truth -- as much as can be known and shared -- here and elsewhere. I am grateful for the gift of time--as much as we get--to plan and act according to what we believe based on this knowledge instead of on denial.

Most of all, I am grateful for the beauty around us and a human ability to focus on the beautiful and the good, while planning for exigencies brought on by other all-too-human frailties of greed and fear.

Planning for when TSHTF is best accomplished with an attitude of gratitude, isn't it? Otherwise, we focus on the fear and the negativity that had such a large role in bringing us to this pass.

I wholeheartedly believe in community as a strong response to these times of division and fear. What we bring to community creates the strength that can help us survive and thrive. The best fortress is a strong and engaged community where each contributes their own skill and labor, whether this be an Amish thrashing ring or the horizontally-based collaboration of a barter network. It is about relationship. May you all have enough for your family and friends and a little more--to share with those in need.

So thank you all for your contributions here and especially to you, Chris, and your family for sharing your time and knowedge and thought with us all. May we use what have wisely.

Happy Thanksgiving.





williamcs74's picture
Status: Member (Offline)
Joined: May 11 2009
Posts: 2
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Of course I'm thankful for the same things as many others but I'm especially thankful for you and people like you Chris. I'm thankful for people like yourself who are so courageous to speak out and donate so much of their time for something they believe in.  You, Max Kaiser, Ron Paul, Bill Bonner, Peter Schiff and many others provide a bright, guiding light.  I just wish I had money to donate......Thank You!!!

SagerXX's picture
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Feb 11 2009
Posts: 2265
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Among the items on a long list, I am thankful for all I've learned here and the good folks I've come to "know" here in this community.  Happy Day to all of you (Yanks or not)!

Viva -- Sager

green_achers's picture
Status: Silver Member (Offline)
Joined: Jan 3 2009
Posts: 205
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

I heard from my son about 36 hours ago.  I know he was OK at least then.  I'm thankful for that and that he only has about 3 months before his deployment os over.

Everything else sort of pales next to that.

nickbert's picture
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Jan 14 2009
Posts: 1208
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful for the time my family has had to prepare for a very uncertain future.  I am grateful to have my son healthy and happy as his 1st birthday approaches.  And in about 2 hours time when I'm finished with work, I will be grateful for whoever came up with and passed along the recipe for turkey stuffed with apples and wrapped in bacon Laughing

- NIckbert

Nacci's picture
Status: Silver Member (Offline)
Joined: Apr 22 2009
Posts: 194
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Chris, I'm grateful for the heads-up.

kron's picture
Status: Member (Offline)
Joined: Mar 10 2008
Posts: 13
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful for my wonderful, supportive family both biological and those I've encountered because of the work of Chris and Becca Martenson.  Thank you and all the best of life to you in the future.  Woo hoo!!

jrf29's picture
Status: Gold Member (Offline)
Joined: Apr 18 2008
Posts: 453
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

I live in a largely peaceful part of the world - a politically stable commonwealth where I am free to do as I please, go where I please, work at the calling of my choice.  Of course, the wheel of fortune turns for every nation and every people, but right now is very pleasant.  And I am surrounded everywhere by pleasant people, too!   Those in my family, and those in other people's families.  We all know that there are malicious people "out there," but funny thing is -- wherever I go I find that 99% of the people I meet are kind and good-hearted.  I enjoy thinking about energy and economics, but when I walk outside on an autumn day in New England, where the sun plays on changing leaves, I realize how odd it is that humans believe they need any more than the most basic things to be happy.  Life is a great drink, with infinite ways to find happiness. 

Eye's picture
Status: Bronze Member (Offline)
Joined: Mar 7 2009
Posts: 88
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


darrah7's picture
Status: Member (Offline)
Joined: Feb 18 2009
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Hello to all.

My son (first child) was born eight days ago - both him and my wife are in good shape.  This is what I have to be most thankful for.

rmurfster's picture
Status: Bronze Member (Offline)
Joined: Apr 17 2008
Posts: 84
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful that God has not treated me as my sins deserve.  Also that God sent the early pilgrims to this land to pave the way for our great Country and the freedom to worship without fear of the government. May we have the courage to stand up for what is right and honor those who have given up so much that we could live in this prosperous, blessed nation.

Full Moon's picture
Full Moon
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Oct 14 2008
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

darrah ,    Biggest Congratulations !!!  Joyful occasion .

Davos's picture
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Joined: Sep 17 2008
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for my family and the 3Gs and the fact that the 4thG hasn't come to fruition yet.

I'm thankful for not doing the traditional Thanksgiving this holiday and for taking the family to the museum in DC instead. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

spinone's picture
Status: Bronze Member (Offline)
Joined: Jul 12 2008
Posts: 49
Re: Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for my family, my health, my friends and the extra time Chris has given us to prepare so I can cushion the shock for them all.  I feel confident that as events unfold I will be able to provide the essentials to those I care for because of Chris and this community he created. Thanks, Chris.

Woodman's picture
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Joined: Sep 26 2008
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

I went for a very long bike ride around southern Maine Thursday morning before dinner with family, and soaked in all the sites - who has chickens, who has a garden, how much firewood have they stacked, etc.   I'm grateful to have such a rich and healthy life and family in a beautifal and peaceful area that I don't need anything more like TV or shopping for fulfillment, and I'm grateful for the knowledge from this community that  should nto be taken for granted and the future will be different. 

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