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Daily Digest 9/12 - Economic SuperCycles, Bleeding Equity Schemes, China In The News

Sunday, September 12, 2010, 9:54 AM
  • Economic SuperCycles 
  • Equity Schemes Continue To Bleed
  • Inflation in China Is Rising at a Fast Pace
  • The Loneliest Analyst 
  • China Explores a Frontier 2 Miles Deep
  • Union Accuses China of Illegal Clean Energy Subsidies 
  • Wheat Prices: Field Events

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Economic SuperCycles (SolidSwede)

It seems plausible that certain forces—new technologies or discoveries, demography, changes in climate—will have an effect over an extended period. But the idea that these cycles are preordained to run for a set number of years or months is much more difficult to accept. It is an odd kind of historical determinism, in which individuals are all just extras in a massive film production, doomed to stand on the sidelines as the script plays out.

Equity Schemes Continue To Bleed (Deepak)

Executives in charge of the equity division at MFs maintain that redemptions were anyway expected, as the market had reached 30-month highs. “Nervousness had come in during the latter part of the month, as there was an anticipation of a 5-10 per cent correction,” said the chief investment officer (CIO) of a large-sized fund house.

Inflation in China Is Rising at a Fast Pace (jdargis)

From street markets to corporate offices, consumers and executives alike in China are trying to cope with rising prices. The National Bureau of Statistics announced on Saturday that consumer prices in China were 3.5 percent higher compared with a year earlier, the largest increase in nearly two years.

The Loneliest Analyst (jdargis)

For the last two years, Mr. Bove has been engaged in a lonely legal battle to retain his ability to say whatever he likes, an ordeal that he says has been anything but fun. BankAtlantic, a Florida bank, sued him, accusing him of defamation after he wrote a report about the banking industry in July 2008, just as the financial crisis was starting to boil over. The bank contended that the report falsely suggested that the institution was in trouble.


China Explores a Frontier 2 Miles Deep (jdargis)

The global seabed is littered with what experts say is trillions of dollars’ worth of mineral nodules as well as many objects of intelligence value: undersea cables carrying diplomatic communications, lost nuclear arms, sunken submarines and hundreds of warheads left over from missile tests.

While a single small craft cannot reel in all these treasures, it does put China in an excellent position to go after them.

Union Accuses China of Illegal Clean Energy Subsidies (jdargis)

President Obama has cited clean energy manufacture as a priority on economic and environmental grounds, and in a speech this week, he called for “a homegrown clean energy industry.”


Wheat Prices: Field Events (jdargis)

Many poorer countries are fearful that rising food prices will spark more of the same: in the earlier crisis violent protests shook many countries including Egypt, Haiti, Côte d’Ivoire, Uzbekistan and Bolivia. To head this off Egypt, the world’s biggest importer of wheat, as well as Tunisia, Algeria and Jordan, have all reacted to the Russian ban by buying extra wheat on the spot market. It is likely that these and other countries have sought to secure supplies by buying wheat futures too, though the opacity of that market makes buyers’ identities unclear.

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Re: Daily Digest 9/12 - Economic SuperCycles, Bleeding ...

What's your point RJS?

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Re: Daily Digest 9/12 - Economic SuperCycles, Bleeding ...

The point is Solar System Warming

Something quite different than Global Warming

And even more different than Man-made Global Warming


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Re: Daily Digest 9/12 - Economic SuperCycles, Bleeding ...

File under: Dept. of Whistling Past the Graveyard

Point made x2, in fact.  Watts up with that?  Classic stuff.

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Re: Daily Digest 9/12 - Economic SuperCycles, Bleeding ...


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Re: Daily Digest 9/12 - Economic SuperCycles, Bleeding ...

I don't feel we should be imposing tariffs on goods from china  because their products are being subsidized.

1.what don't we subsidize in this country anymore

2.we subsidize petoleum,making alternative energies less attractive

3.if someone is giving us products cheaper than we can produce them why wouldn't we buy them

If a person thinks in long term benefits of having another country basically give us free stuff while freeing up labor for other activities versus short term thinking of more jobs and more expensive products then i don't think of someone else subsidizing our wealth as a bad thing.On the contrary,if we impose tarriffs on china we are looking a gift horse in the mouth.A tarriff is really no different than a tea tax.


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