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Daily Digest 7/3 - MN State Shutdown Continues, Empty Plates For Low-Income Seniors, Cancer Expert on Fukushima

Sunday, July 3, 2011, 9:40 AM
  • Who Could Replace Geithner?
  • No End in Sight as Minnesotans Grapple With State Shutdown
  • Empty Plates For Low-Income Seniors
  • Saudi Prince Proposes Oil War With Iran
  • Russia To Deploy Thousands Of Troops To 'Protect The Nation's Interests' In The Arctic
  • "Apparently successful" U.S. SPR bids 30.64 mln bbls
  • "Everyone's Oil Depletion Allowance" Makes Fuel Efficient Cars a Tax Free Profit Center
  • Japanese Cancer Expert on the Fukushima Situation

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Who Could Replace Geithner? (jdargis)

Ben White and Carrie Budoff Brown of Politico say that Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, is “a strong dark-horse candidate.”

No End in Sight as Minnesotans Grapple With State Shutdown (jdargis)

Heading into a holiday weekend in a state that savors its summers outdoors, licenses for fishing, hunting, trapping, boats and ATVs were unavailable for purchase. And all around the State Capitol — the place where all the troubles began — the streets were eerily empty and official buildings locked, plastered with hand-taped signs that offered a gentle explanation: “This building is closed until further notice due to the current state government service interruption.”

Empty Plates For Low-Income Seniors (jdargis)

What a new G.A.O. report calls “food insecurity” remains stubbornly high among seniors with low incomes. In 2009, about 19 percent of households with a low-income person over age 60 faced this problem — meaning that the older adult was uncertain of having enough food or unable to acquire enough.

Saudi Prince Proposes Oil War With Iran (Johnny Oxygen)

Iran and other hawks in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries blocked Saudi-led efforts to boost oil production to bring down prices, driven up sharply by the region-wide turmoil, at the cartel's summit in Vienna June 8.

"To put this into perspective, Saudi Arabia has so much (spare) production capacity -- 4 million bpd -- that we could almost instantly replace all if Iran's production." That currently stands at 4.2 million bpd.


Russia To Deploy Thousands Of Troops To 'Protect The Nation's Interests' In The Arctic (Michael W.)

Russia's defence minister Anatoly Serdyukov said the military will deploy two army brigades which he said could be based in the town of Murmansk close to the border with Norway.

He said his ministry is working out specifics, such as troops numbers, weapons and bases, but a brigade includes a few thousand soldiers.

"Apparently successful" U.S. SPR bids 30.64 mln bbls (guardia)

The "apparently successful" bids for the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve's release of crude oil stocks totaled 30.64 million barrels at an average $107.19 a barrel, data released on Friday by the U.S. Department of Energy showed.

"Everyone's Oil Depletion Allowance" Makes Fuel Efficient Cars a Tax Free Profit Center (Craig S.)

Opportunity for Small Business Owners With Fuel Efficient Vehicles. The other reason this nickname fits is that a business can use the full amount of this tax write-off without actually spending that much money. The Standard Mileage Rate is based on miles driven -- not how much it actually costs to drive those miles.

Because it is an average rate, small businesses with fuel efficient vehicles can use this as a perfectly legitimate way to claim a business deduction that is more than they actually had to spend. They just need to make sure they are eligible to use the Standard Mileage Rate per IRS rules, and keep good mileage records.


Japanese Cancer Expert on the Fukushima Situation (debu)

Nishio originally called for “calm” in the days after the accident. Now, he argues, that as the gravity of the situation at the plant has become more clear, the specter of long-term radiation exposure must be reckoned with.

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Who Could Replace Geithner?

If Dimon were to replace Geithner, would that provide him any sort of tax or legal immunity from any gains or actions made in the past?


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Good Links

Here is a good site with legitimate links and information - Link.

Links to peak oil, Chris Martenson, Zero Hedge and others .........

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More cold fusion


Current efforts involve setting up strategic financial and business partnerships and negotiating licensing agreements with interested parties. At the present time AmpEnergo Inc. is not offering stock to the general public, but we appreciate the many inquiries and words of support we have received.

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this is big news...

"The deposits are in international waters in an area stretching east and west of Hawaii, as well as east of Tahiti in French Polynesia, "

-----so now we are giong to scoop up the ocean floor and treat it with acid?  oh great.....and then go fight  over it of course.

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