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Daily Digest 7/29 - Dems Weigh Future Deficit Cuts, Hungry Children Increase In Numbers, Org. Farmers Sue Monsanto

Friday, July 29, 2011, 10:17 AM
  • Is The Jobs Picture An Oasis Or Just A Mirage?
  • Whatever It Takes
  • Senate Democrats Weigh Trigger for Future Deficit Cuts
  • Paper Airplanes With MIT Solar Technology Can Make Electricity
  • Ranks Of Hungry Children Swell, Worrying Doctors
  • Fukushima Teacher Muzzled on Radiation Risks
  • Organic farmers sue Monsanto
  • The Permaculture Movement Grows From Underground

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Is The Jobs Picture An Oasis Or Just A Mirage? (at)

Despite the drop in claims, we are still stubbornly high, near 400,000 and going nowhere fast. Joshua Shapiro, chief U.S. economist of MFR Inc. said of the decline, [It] "is clearly good news, we would prefer to see further data before concluding that the earlier downtrend in claims is being re-established."

Whatever It Takes (June C.)

Whether or not you agree with me that the financial system is not worth saving, the other key point I try to hammer home is that it doesn’t matter. “Whatever it takes” has already failed. This creates an extremely dangerous scenario became I am not convinced these clowns have a Plan B. Just the statement ”whatever it takes” implies that these guys believe with 100% confidence that they can save the system. So here we are, basically back in recession in the West and there is no Plan B. What most people in the markets fail to understand is that the secular bear forces or what we can call a Kondratieff Winter has remained firmly in place this entire time. All you need to do is look at the Dow Industrials in terms of gold.

Senate Democrats Weigh Trigger for Future Deficit Cuts (jdargis)

Democratic Representative Chris Van Hollen of Maryland told reporters: “I can understand why they’re having a difficult time. It’s a terrible bill.”

Ranks Of Hungry Children Swell, Worrying Doctors (David B.)

Before the economy soured in 2007, 12 percent of youngsters age 3 and under whose families were randomly surveyed in the hospital’s emergency department were significantly underweight. In 2010, that percentage jumped to 18 percent, and the tide does not appear to be abating, said Dr. Megan Sandel, an associate professor of pediatrics and public health at BMC.

“Food is costing more, and dollars don’t stretch as far," Sandel said. “It’s hard to maintain a diet that is healthy."


Paper Airplanes With MIT Solar Technology Can Make Electricity (jdargis)

The technology, according to MIT engineers, is cheaper and more adaptable than current commercial solar options that use glass and require heavy support structures. Paper solar cells, they said, could be taped to a wall, attached to laptops or made into window shades and clothing, even laminated to protect against harsh weather.

It’ll be a while before commercialization, since researchers are still working on improving the device’s efficiency from its current 1%. But maybe Apple Inc., which has studied how to create a solar-powered touch screen for its smartphones, should call them up.


Fukushima Teacher Muzzled on Radiation Risks (jdargis)

Toshinori Shishido, a Japanese literature teacher of 25 years, had warned his students two months ago to wear surgical masks and keep their skin covered with long-sleeved shirts. His advice went unheeded, not because of the weather but because his school told him not to alarm students. Shishido quit this week.

“I want to get away from this situation where I’m not even allowed to alert children about radiation exposure,” said Shishido, a 48-year-old teacher who taught at Fukushima Nishi High School. “Now I’m free to talk about the risks.”

Organic farmers sue Monsanto (Johnny Oxygen)

Led by the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, the suit lashes out at Monsanto to keep their engineered Genuity® Roundup Ready® canola seed out of their farms. Organic agriculturalists say that corn, cotton, sugar beets and other crops of theirs have been contaminated by Monsanto‘s seed, and even though the contamination has been largely natural and unintended, Monsanto has been suing hundreds of farmers for infringing on their patent for incidentally using their product.

Not only are organic farmers trying to keep things — well, organic — but now many of them are being forced to throw in the towel as Monsanto unfortunately continues a successful war on the competition by suing indie growers that run organic farms. In recent years, Monsanto has acquired more than 20 of the biggest seed producers and sellers in the country, and The Street reports that they have instituted a policy whereas their customers are forced to use their bionengineered seeds — and purchase them each and every year — lest they want to be blacklisted forever.

The Permaculture Movement Grows From Underground (jdargis)

The ethic of permaculture is the movement’s Nicene Creed, or golden rule: care of the earth; care of people; and a return of surplus time, energy and money, to the cause of bettering the earth and its people.

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Today's news from

Today's news from Saxplayer

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Saxplayer00o1's News for 07/29/2011

Just making it more convenient by having all the links here:

saxplayer00o1 wrote:


(For 7/29 news. Thanks in advance if anyone can repost when today's Daily Digest is out, since I can't stick around that long. Monday I'm not sure if I'll have the usual morning news, but Tuesday should be back to normal.)

"Rating agency Moody’s on Friday placed Spain on review for a possible downgrade, citing weak growth and funding pressures, hitting the euro on concerns a Greek rescue package has not laid contagion fears to rest.

Moody’s placed Spain’s Aa2 government bond ratings on review for possible downgrade and said funding costs would remain high for the Spanish government in the wake of the Greek package which signalled a clear shift in risk for bondholders."

.............1A) Spain Placed on Downgrade Review by Moody’s

..............1B) Moody's creates more trouble for Spain

"Moody's Investors Service downgraded six regions of Spain on Friday, and warned that other regions could also face a downgrade."

................1C) Spanish Bonds Fall On Moody's Rating Warning, Italy Also Weaker

"The yield on Spain's 10-year bonds rose nine basis points to 6.103% according to Tradeweb. The cost of Spanish sovereign credit default swaps, which would compensate buyers in the event of a default, also rose.

Italian bonds were also weaker in early trading, with 10-year yields rising five basis points to 5.87%."

"Greek bondholders may resist pressure to reinvest in the nation’s securities as part of a bailout agreement as potential losses exceed the 21 percent estimated by the Institute of International Finance.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. calculates the bonds may lose as much as 34 percent of their value, while Rabobank International anticipates losses of as much as 50 percent. That may be high enough to deter money managers from aiding the rescue, leaving European leaders to either foot a bigger share of the bill or compel private investors to chip in to meet a 90 percent participation goal.

“Our view is that IIF yield assumption in calculating this is too low,” said Pavan Wadhwa, JPMorgan’s global head of interest-rate strategy in London. “As the market stands right now, the haircut banks will take if they sign up to the IIF proposal would be much higher than 21 percent. "

"Demand for physical gold in China may exceed consumption in India by the end of this year, said Chuck Jeannes, chief executive officer of Goldcorp Inc. (G), the world’s No. 2 producer of the metal by market value.

“Three or four years ago there was no one who would have expected Chinese physical demand for gold to surpass India,” Jeannes said yesterday in a telephone interview from New York. “Now it looks like that could happen as early as the end of this year. And that’s while Indian demand is increasing.”

While global demand for gold is advancing on concerns about financial turmoil in the U.S. and some European countries, consumers in China are buying larger amounts of the metal as an inflation hedge, Jeannes said. "

"The U.S. is approaching the moment it may have to decide which bills to pay, a prospect Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner has called “unacceptably risky and unfair” to Americans.

The Obama administration will brief the public no earlier than when financial markets close today about priorities for paying the nation’s obligations if the U.S. debt limit isn’t raised by then, a Democratic official said. "

"The US economy grew at an annualised rate of 1.3% in the second quarter, much slower than had been expected.

The Commerce Department also revised down the rate for the January-to-March quarter, from 1.9% to just 0.4%.

On Thursday, a key vote in Congress on a Republican bill to raise the US debt limit was delayed.

If Congress does not raise the debt limit by 2 August the US government could face funding shortfalls that it cannot meet by extra borrowing."

.....................5A) U.S. GDP Grows Just 1.3%

"The U.S. economy expanded at a slower pace than expected in the spring as consumers cut back on spending, while revisions showed the slowdown since the beginning of the year was much more drastic than previously thought.

The Commerce Department Friday said gross domestic product rose at an annualized seasonally adjusted rate of 1.3% in April through June, while first-quarter growth was revised down sharply to a 0.4% rate from the earlier estimate of a 1.9% gain."

  • Other news, headlines and opinion:

China news agency lambastes U.S. for debt crisis

IMF’s Lagarde Says U.S. Dollar May Lose ‘Privilege’ Amid Debt-Limit Crisis

China Fears U.S. Debt Default, But Has Few Options (NPR)

Agency seeks to double tolls to pay for $12 billion in projects (Illinois)

Will U.S. Default? $4.8 Billion Investment Says Yes

Moody’s Places 177 Local Muni Issuers on Downgrade Review Amid Debt Debate

Just Before Deadline, County in Alabama Delays Bankruptcy Move

S&P's: 15 Danish banks could collapse

S&P warns against US prioritizing debt payments-CNBC

Portland Audit: City On Unstable Financial Path

Radiation-Free Food Delivers Japanese Sales Boom to South Korean Exporters

Copper Rises as Strike at World’s Biggest Mine in Chile Spurs Supply Woes

Japan Ending Nuclear Age Risks $5 Trillion Economy as Komatsu, Sharp Walk

U.S. default insurance up on debt talks impasse

Fed's Williams Sees No 'Magic Wand' in Event of Debt Default

‘Great Recession’ even deeper than thought

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Krivit speaks

After a month of reticence, New Energy Times editor Steven Krivit has broken his silence to announce that his long-awaited third report on Rossi’s E-Cat is coming soon—”within the next few days”. This report is supposed to cover the technical details supporting his reasoning that the E-Cat—the one Rossi demonstrated for him, at any rate—does not produce as much energy as Rossi claims it does.

Krivit is a journalist who has been following the Cold Fusion story. He is very protective of the field and is ever vigilant against charlatans.



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Something new under the sun.

Well, well. It looks as though even I can learn something new.

Aparently the Australians are about to go public with Muon catalysed fusion.


and a glossy uTube video.

I haven't found out if the device is portable.


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Thanks Poet and dps


Thanks for reposting.

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undocumented Mexican laborers fleeing CA for Mexico


While the weakened U.S. economy, rising deportations and tougher border enforcement have led to fewer undocumented migrants, changes in Mexico are playing a significant role, González Gutiérrez said.

Mexico's average standard of living – including health, education and per capita income – is now higher than those in Russia, China and India, according to the United Nations.


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