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Daily Digest 3/21 - The War On Elizabeth Warren, Tehran Is Buying Gold, Fracking Site Closures Extended To Study Earthquake Link

Monday, March 21, 2011, 9:57 AM
  • 27 Amazing Statistics About The Real Estate Crash That Never Seems To End
  • Secret Iran Gold Holdings Leaked: Tehran Holds Same Amount Of Gold As United Kingdom, And Is Buying More
  • The War on Warren
  • Fed Must Release Loan Data as High Court Rejects Appeal
  • Tokyo Postcard: History Repeats
  • China Suspends New Nuclear Power Plans
  • Arkansas 'Fracking' Site Closures Extended As Earthquake Link Studied
  • Lessons From Chernobyl for Japan
  • Radioactive Boar On The Rise In Germany

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27 Amazing Statistics About The Real Estate Crash That Never Seems To End (cmartenson)

Will this nightmare ever stop? The following are 27 amazing statistics about the real estate crash that never seems to end....

#1 In February, U.S. housing starts experienced their largest decline in 27 years.

#2 The number of new building permits fell to a new all-time record low in February. In fact, new building permits were 20 percent lower during February 2011 than they were in February 2010.

#3 As of the end of 2010, 23.1 percent of all U.S. homeowners with a mortgage owed more on their homes than their homes were worth.

Secret Iran Gold Holdings Leaked: Tehran Holds Same Amount Of Gold As United Kingdom, And Is Buying More (pinecarr)

While it will not come as a major surprise to most, according to senior BOE individuals and Wikileaks, Iran, as well as Qatar and Jordan have been actively purchasing gold well over the amount reported to and by the IMF, in an accelerated attempt to diversify their holdings away from the US dollar. "Iran has bought large amounts of gold in the international market, according to a senior Bank of England official, in a sign of how growing political pressure has driven Tehran to reduce its exposure to the US dollar. Andrew Bailey, head of banking at the Bank of England, told an American official that the central bank had observed “significant moves by Iran to purchase gold”, according to a US diplomatic cable obtained by WikiLeaks and seen by the Financial Times."

The War on Warren (David B.)

The fact that she’s so well qualified is, of course, the reason she’s being attacked so fiercely. Nothing could be worse, from the point of view of bankers and the politicians who serve them, than to have consumers protected by someone who knows what she’s doing and has the personal credibility to stand up to pressure.

Fed Must Release Loan Data as High Court Rejects Appeal (Claire H.)

The order marks the first time a court has forced the Fed to reveal the names of banks that borrowed from its oldest lending program, the 98-year-old discount window. The disclosures, together with details of six bailout programs released by the central bank in December under a congressional mandate, would give taxpayers insight into the Fed’s unprecedented $3.5 trillion effort to stem the 2008 financial panic.


Tokyo Postcard: History Repeats (jdargis)

Today, we can confirm that the risk of nuclear reactors has become a reality. However this unfolding disaster ends—and with all the respect I feel for the human effort deployed to contain it—its significance is not the least bit ambiguous: Japanese history has entered a new phase, and once again we must look at things through the eyes of the victims of nuclear power, of the men and the women who have proved their courage through suffering. The lesson that we learn from the current disaster will depend on whether those who survive it resolve not to repeat their mistakes.

China Suspends New Nuclear Power Plans (jdargis)

China's Cabinet said Wednesday the government will suspend approvals for nuclear power stations to allow for a revision in safety standards. The State Council said in a statement following a meeting Wednesday that it has ordered the relevant departments to conduct safety checks at existing plants and at those that are under construction.

Arkansas 'Fracking' Site Closures Extended As Earthquake Link Studied (jdargis)

The companies had been expected to present testimony to the commission on March 29, after the panel ordered the temporary shutdowns of the wells on March 4. The two injection wells are used to dispose of waste fluid from natural gas production.

"We were going to request that the wells remained shut down (at the meeting on March 29)," Khoury said. "(Both companies) requested a continuance on the hearing until April, and we agreed on the condition that the wells remain closed until that time."


Lessons From Chernobyl for Japan (jdargis)

The death of a nuclear reactor has a beginning; the world is watching this unfold now on the coast of Japan. But it doesn’t have an end.

Radioactive Boar On The Rise In Germany (Marteen)

It's no secret that Germany has a wild boar problem. Stories of marauding pigs hit the headlines with startling regularity: Ten days ago, a wild boar attacked a wheelchair-bound man in a park in Berlin; in early July, a pack of almost two dozen of the animals repeatedly marched into the eastern German town of Eisenach, frightening residents and keeping police busy; and on Friday morning, a German highway was closed for hours after 10 wild boar broke through a fence and waltzed onto the road.

Even worse, though, almost a quarter century after the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown in Ukraine, a good chunk of Germany's wild boar population remains slightly radioactive -- and the phenomenon has been costing the German government an increasing amount of money in recent years.

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Existing-home sales fall 9.6% in February

"WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Sales of previously owned homes dropped 9.6% in February and prices fell to their lowest level since 2002, reflecting a continued slump in the U.S. real estate market.

The National Association of Realtors on Monday said sales of existing homes dropped to a seasonally-adjusted annual rate of 4.88 million from an upwardly revised 5.4 million in January. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch expected sales to drop to a rate of 5.1 million.

The median price of homes sold fell 5.2% from last year to $156,100, the lowest since April 2002. Price retreated in all four major regions of the U.S.

Inventories of existing homes for sale rose 3.5% to 3.49 million, representing 8.6 months’ supply. That was up from 7.6 months last month."

  • Other news, headlines and opinion:

Disaster could cost Japan $235 billion: WBank

Threats to Japan ratings increasing: Moody's

Nevadans face new challenge - unforeseen tax penalties on early withdrawals

States rush to settle Medicaid bills

Inglewood schools on edge of insolvency

States push harder for online sales tax collection

Iran bought gold to cut dollar exposure

Libya Strikes Raise Risks of Longer Oilfield Halts, Reprisals

Contamination at nuclear plant for decades

Special Report: Fuel storage, safety issues vexed Japan plant

Smoke spews from 2 reactors at stricken Japanese nuclear plant

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Seawater radioactive near plant

"Abnormally high levels of radioactive substances have been detected in seawater near a quake-crippled nuclear power plant in Japan, its operator said.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said the level of iodine-131 was 126.7 times higher and caesium-134 was 24.8 times higher than government-set standards.

The substances were detected in seawater which was sampled about 100 metres (320 feet) south of the Fukushima No.1 plant, a TEPCO official said.

The level of caesium-137 was also 16.5 times higher while that of cobalt-58 was lower than the standard, Naoki Tsunoda added, stressing the levels were not a threat to human health."

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