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Daily Digest 12/25 - The Unintended Empire, The Struggle For OWS Archives, TED Talk On Small Family Farms

Sunday, December 25, 2011, 11:30 AM

Warm Christmas wishes to our readers, from the Daily Digest team!

  • The Unintended Empire
  • China, Japan to Back Direct Trade of Currencies
  • Schaeuble Doesn’t See Market Crash in 2012, Bild am Sonntag Says
  • Could A Revolution Come To Putin's Russia?
  • The Struggle For The Occupy Wall Street Archives
  • TED Talk On Small Family Farms
  • A Quake-Scarred Nation Tries a Rural Road to Recovery

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The Unintended Empire (Chris M., registration required)

The American president is the most important political leader in the world. The reason is simple: he governs a nation whose economic and military policies shape the lives of people in every country on every continent. The president can and does order invasions, embargos, and sanctions. The economic policies he shapes will resonate in billions of lives, perhaps over many generations.

China, Japan to Back Direct Trade of Currencies (jdargis)

The deals between the world’s second and third-largest economies come as the two-year-old European debt crisis keeps global financial markets volatile. Japan will start to buy “a small amount” of China’s bonds, a Japanese government official said on condition of anonymity because of the ministry’s policy, without elaborating on when and how much of the debt the nation plans to purchase.

Schaeuble Doesn’t See Market Crash in 2012, Bild am Sonntag Says (jdargis)

Schaeuble said the situation is “under control” and that he expects investors’ confidence in the euro area will return, the newspaper said.

Could A Revolution Come To Putin's Russia? (jdargis)

Valdislov Surkov, a round, boyish faced apparatchik, has moved deftly between employers. He first worked for oil magnet Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who is now in prison, then for Boris Yeltsin, and finally for Putin. He has been described as a Russian Karl Rove and is responsible for dispensing the narrative of Putin. In many speeches, he advocates a kind of authoritarian, "sovereign" democracy. The Kremlin's political maestro, who once wrote songs for a rock band and styled himself a Havel-eque Bohemian, has designed a Stalin-like false dichotomy -- either Russia will remain stable, with sure-handed Putin at the wheel, or it will return to the shortages and misery of the Boris Yeltsin era.

The Struggle For The Occupy Wall Street Archives (jdargis)

Though he’s been involved in Occupy Wall Street from its inception, Jez isn't a career leftist. His current part-time day job is as a subject librarian in philosophy, at NYU’s Bobst Library—the impulse to collect and curate comes naturally to him. And Jez had an idea that was deceptively simple. He’d collect and catalogue all the signs and pamphlets and newsletters and odds and ends of political art the protests have generated. But preserving all of those for posterity turned out to be, as with all things Occupy Wall Street, more complicated than anyone could have foreseen—not least because the movement itself would have trouble seeing the value of an archive.


TED Talk On Small Family Farms (jdargis)

TEDxAlbany 2011, featuring Sarah Gordon on “Marketing for the Future of Small Family Farms”.

A Quake-Scarred Nation Tries a Rural Road to Recovery (jdargis)

“I will never go back to Port-au-Prince,” said Mr. Laurore, 32, a former shopkeeper who was sifting soil to plant a tomato garden, referring to the capital. “It left a strong pain inside. Here the work is hard, but you live in total peace.”

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On Haiti, from the "Scarred Nation" article

“If they have water, technical assistance and credit they can survive,” said Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, executive director of Mouvman Peyizan Papay. 

Isn't that an amazing quote!



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Stratfor - spot of bad luck

The Stratfor site is down for maintenance. This gives some of the background:


Stratfor has been called a private CIA, staffed by retired spooks. I take good information whereever I can get it, but it probably makes sense to consider the source.

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Russian oil

Man, first the Russians iinvent abiotic oil, and now they have an oil magnet?

Merry Christmas to everyone.....


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They sent me a note saying they'd been hacked by the Anonymous group and lost much confidential subscriber and credit card info. Puts their credibility for me down to zero if they didin't have AAA+ online security  while being "security consultants."


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Arthur Robey
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On the other hand Klaus

On the other hand Klaus Sadlmann has produced a 3D printer.

Retail price $1200.


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Japan buying Chinese debt??

And they say Japan's in deep doo-doo... !

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Arthur Robey
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Arthur's Rule of Thumb.

On Monday, word got out that the European Central Bank has lined up with the Fed and other central banks to fight the debt crisis by…yes…creating more debt. And more paper currency. It will lend another half-trillion euros — or so — to the banks. The banks are supposed to make more new loans and buy up more old ones. Specifically, they’re expected to take money from the central banks and use it to buy government debt, thus keeping the chickens from coming home to roost as long as possible.

I don't get it. QED :It is BS. (The solution, not the article)

From TAE Quoting Bill Bonner. at the Daily Reckoning.

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Arthur Robey
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Battery progress

“We have found a way to extend a lithium-ion battery’s charge life by 10 times at the beginning of the battery’s life,” said Harold H. Kung, professor of chemical and biological engineering and the lead author of the paper. “Even after 150 charges, which would be one year or more of operation, the battery is still five times more effective than lithium-ion batteries on the market today.”

Imagine a cell phone battery that stayed charged for more than a week – and recharged in just 15 minutes.

From McCormick, Northwest Engineering.

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