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Daily Digest 10/23 - Living Like The Other Half, Europeans Seek Bold Debt Deal Despite Differences, The Population Bomb

Sunday, October 23, 2011, 9:39 AM
  • 80 Years Later: Same Culprits, Same Rage
  • Living Like The Other Half 
  • U.S. Troops to Leave Iraq by Year’s End, Obama Says
  • Europeans Seek Bold Debt Deal, Despite Differences
  • BP Plan For Gulf Drilling Approved
  • Driller Wins Approval To Halt Water To Pennsylvania Town
  • Population Bomb: 9 Billion March To WWIII

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80 Years Later: Same Culprits, Same Rage (JimQ)

The income inequality in the country reached the same extreme level in 2007, just prior to the Wall Street created financial implosion. It has not improved in the last four years. In the early 1930s there was the feeling of revolution in the air. With unemployment at 25% and people in desperate straits, the government feared communists or fascists gaining power. The New Deal was really a way to keep the citizens occupied so that a revolution would not take hold. There was much anger towards the bankers and aristocracy who caused the Great Depression.

Living Like The Other Half (jdargis)

Three weeks ago, two city-bred, upper-class aspiring entrepreneurs from Bangalore embarked on a mission: learn more about India, by subsisting for a month on what the average Indian does – just 100 rupees ($2.04) a day.

U.S. Troops to Leave Iraq by Year’s End, Obama Says (jdargis)

For Mr. Obama, whose rise to the White House was based partly on his opposition to the Iraq war but who as president ordered a troop buildup in Afghanistan and intensified drone strikes against militants in the region, the announcement fulfills a campaign promise. Its timing, after Colonel Qaddafi’s death and the commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden, and just as the administration was taking its toughest stance yet on Pakistan’s reluctance to root out militants along its border with Afghanistan, may help insulate him from Republican charges that he is weak on national security.

Europeans Seek Bold Debt Deal, Despite Differences (jdargis)

As ever, the focus is on Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, who have made a habit of cobbling together deals to present to their European Union colleagues. But forging an agreement now is harder than before, as Paris and Berlin face core differences over how to maximize the euro zone’s financial rescue fund and how far the European Central Bank should intervene in the bond markets, either on its own or through the bailout fund.


BP Plan For Gulf Drilling Approved (jdargis)

The federal government’s approval of the BP plan to drill up to four exploratory wells nearly 200 miles from the Louisiana coast was positive news for BP, which has struggled to recover from the April 2010 accident that left 11 workers dead and spilled millions of barrels of oil into the gulf.

“Our review of BP’s plan included verification of BP’s compliance with the heightened standards that all deepwater activities must meet,” said Tommy P. Beaudreau, the director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, in a statement announcing the decision.

Driller Wins Approval To Halt Water To Pennsylvania Town (VeganD)

DEP granted Cabot's request late Tuesday, notifying the company in a letter released Wednesday morning. Scott Perry, the agency's acting deputy secretary for oil and gas management, wrote that since Cabot has satisfied the terms of a December settlement agreement requiring the company to remove methane from the residents' water, DEP "therefore grants Cabot's request to discontinue providing temporary potable water."

Population Bomb: 9 Billion March To WWIII (jbrent)

Bomb? Tick-tick-ticking? Or economic bubble? Population growth is a basic assumption hard-wired in traditional economic theory. Unquestioned. Yes, population is our core economic problem. Not a military problem. But the bigger this economic bubble grows, the more we all sink into denial, the closer the point of no return where bubble becomes bomb, where war is the only alternative.

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What regulations are in place?

With regard to the story on Cabot delivering water to Dimock, I have been told that this sort of confrontation is a result of two factosr.  The first is that there is no regular reporting of water quality to any central database and that many or most rural or small town wells have never been tested for anything.

The second is that surface contanimation from deep drilling or fracking is usually caused by incompetent sealing of the top of the well with either poor concrete or no concrete because driling companies are allowed to take short cuts (to the point of stupidity).

Can anyone fill in the details behind this story?




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Drinking water regulations

The article did not give any actual methane data to it's hard to assess anything.

Community wells have to be tested for a list of contatminants per Federal and State regs at certain intervals.  Individual homeowners' wells don't have test requirements, expect maybe when you sell your house.



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