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Daily Digest 10/15 - The Economics Of The Arab Spring, PA Gas Drilling Carries Risks, The Hidden Beauty Of Pollination

Saturday, October 15, 2011, 9:47 AM
  • Officers Clearing Grounds Outside State Capitol
  • The Economics Of The Arab Spring
  • Gas Drilling Boom in Pennsylvania Carries Risks
  • Finance for Climate Related Projects Drying Up
  • Are we on the Brink of an Energy Revolution? Andrea Rossi to Build 1MW Power Plant
  • Citizens’ Testing Finds 20 Hot Spots Around Tokyo
  • GM Backpedals On Anti-Cycling Ad
  • The Hidden Beauty of Pollination

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Officers Clearing Grounds Outside State Capitol (dons)

The protesters set up dozens of tents on state land and many of them did not leave when the state's curfew went into effect at 11 p.m. Thursday night, despite an order from the governor and repeated requests from the Colorado State Patrol.

During a news conference on Thursday night, the State Patrol said the protesters could not stay on the land around the Capital, in Lincoln Park, and it said it would enforce the 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew. The police action began at about 3:15 a.m. Friday morning. State Patrol released a statement around 11:20 p.m.

The Economics Of The Arab Spring (jdargis)

It is clear that the Middle East's political dilemma cannot be properly understood without its economic underpinnings. In this brief article we argue that the current turmoil in the region is fed by two economic undercurrents. First, there is an inherent tension between the region’s demographic and economic structures. As the Middle East undergoes an unprecedented demographic transition, its economic structure remains rigid - unable to generate productive employment opportunities for new entrants to the labour force. Second, and perhaps more importantly, recent happenings in the region call into question the very sustainability of a development model based on a leviathan state and greased by oil and aid windfalls.

Gas Drilling Boom in Pennsylvania Carries Risks (jdargis)

The gas boom is transforming small towns like this one (population 4,400 and growing) and revitalizing the economy of this once-forgotten stretch of rural northeastern Pennsylvania. The few hotels here have expanded, restaurants are packed and housing rentals have more than doubled.

“There’s been a snowball effect due to the gas companies coming in,” Mr. Diaz, 33, said recently at his bustling empire near here.

Finance for Climate Related Projects Drying Up (James S.)

She said that the managers of the Clean Technology Fund, one of two Climate Investment Funds set up via the UN climate talks, and managed by five development banks, have fully “programmed” its $4.5 billion in commitments. That fund has leveraged an additional $37 billion, Kyte said, around one third of which came from the private sector.

Are we on the Brink of an Energy Revolution? Andrea Rossi to Build 1MW Power Plant (James S.)

“The E-Cat basic module “for the People”, that we will put in commerce within months, will be 40 cm long, 40 cm large, 40 cm high, will weight 60 kg, the shape of a cube. I need a design cheap ( I want to put it in commerce at a price of 500 euros per kW) but nice, very nice. I will buy the design which I will choose and everybody has my honour word that I will not use designs not paid. I need it within two months...

Citizens’ Testing Finds 20 Hot Spots Around Tokyo (jdargis)

It has been clear since the early days of the nuclear accident, the world’s second worst after Chernobyl, that that the vagaries of wind and rain had scattered worrisome amounts of radioactive materials in unexpected patterns far outside the evacuation zone 12 miles around the stricken plant. But reports that substantial amounts of cesium had accumulated as far away as Tokyo have raised new concerns about how far the contamination had spread, possibly settling in areas where the government has not even considered looking.

GM Backpedals On Anti-Cycling Ad (jdargis)

General Motors has done some backpedaling after one of its new ads, which touts driving GM cars as a superior alternative to cycling, caused outrage across the Internet and on college campuses.

The Hidden Beauty of Pollination (dons)

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Gas Drilling Boom in Pennsylvania

This might be all very well for NE Pa at one level, but an influx of new money is only one aspect of the whole story.

I've complained elsewhere about the comparatively-new coal seam gas extraction industry in Australia. It has two effects upon land which get little publicity, effects which I don't see how Pennsylvania can escape.

(1) From the air affected land looks as though it has measles, the areas around wellheads making much of it unsuitable for agriculture. Allegedly this is only a temporary state of affairs, but how long is temporary?

(2) Affected land can become hard to sell. Landowners find themselves in effect trapped on damaged land which no-one else wants.

To add insult to injury, the gas companies tend to use overbearing methods to coerce landowners into agreeing to their terms and conditions. Of course, the details of agreements are always confidential, so that farmers and graziers are unable to do much about their plight. Funny how Commercial in Confidence is the new Top Secret. Somehow Defence of the Realm has become Defence of the Corporation.

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Arthur Robey
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1949 said

Affected land can become hard to sell. Landowners find themselves in effect trapped on damaged land which no-one else wants

Notwithstanding the feeling of being trapped on your land, it might pay to buy this land cheap and restore it. This will be especially true if it becomes widely believed that the land is worthless.

I know of two people who have refurbished the land. One is Masanobu Fuoka. (The Single Staw Revolution)

Others can offer their own examples.

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Well that's it then....

Well that's it then....  one week to go?

Deadline set for eurozone solution
By Europe correspondent Emma Alberici, wires


Finance ministers at the G20 meeting in Paris have given the leaders of eurozone nations a deadline of next week to come up with a solution to the crippling debt crisis.

The summit of EU leaders in Brussels next weekend is seen as the final chance for the eurozone leaders to agree on a way to stop the spiralling debt problems from spilling over to the rest of the world's banks.

French finance minister Francois Baroin said the eurozone would present answers as soon as next weekend.

"The results of the October 23 summit will be decisive. We are acting resolutely to maintain financial stability," he said.

Despite the progress, the Paris meeting was overshadowed by a global protest movement that saw hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets in more than 80 countries to demonstrate against the banks and politicians who continue to bail them out.

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Peak Oil, from Russia with love


6 Oil Wells On Sakhalin Go Offline


Dysfunctional oil wells at Sakhalin-2 are threatening to decrease production at the field in Russia's Far East and could be indicative of more serious problems.

The problems on Sakhalin-2 in the Piltun-Astokhskoye oil field were documented in a government report to the State Duma on the implementation of the production sharing agreement, a copy of which was obtained by Vedomosti.

According to the report, the wells are not functioning "due to the need to remove a significant amount of sand after a water breakthrough." This mishap prompted a shutdown of six of the 13 oil wells on the Astokhskoye section, where the Molikpaq Platform extracts oil.

The unexpected impediment diminished planned production by more than 20 percent over the first two quarters of this year. The report did not elucidate the amount expected.

It is possible they are referring to a loss of pressure, said an official at the Natural Resources Ministry. The situation is not common, he said. Until now, there have only been problems in one or two wells.

The depressurization may be caused by a breakthrough of ground water, said a member of a major oil holding company. This is something that happens during oil spills, he warned. The most recent case similar to this incident is the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

There has not been an oil spill at the platform, said Ivan Chernyakhovsky, a spokesman for Sakhalin Energy, operator of Sakhalin-2. Despite the failure of the well's seal, he continued, "the release from a few of the wells was part of a planned process."

Sakhalin Energy exploits the Lunskoye gas field and Piltun-Astokhskoye oil field in the Sea of Okhotsk. Three platforms extract natural resources — Lunskloye-A with seven gas wells, Piltun-Astokhskoye operating eight oil wells and Molikpaq.

Last year Sakhalin Energy extracted 6.1 million tons of oil, while Molikpaq yielded 2.2 million tons. If all factors remain the same, Molikpaq will be short 440,000 tons of oil this year, and the production for the entire project will fall short 7 percent.

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Hidden Beauty of Pollination - Monsanto's enemy #1


I wonder how Monsanto deals with those pesky little "bugs" and "rodents" violating their patent rights by pollinating their mutant soy beans, corn and whatever other living plants they have abominated?

Perhaps they will get their government stooges to allow an "open season" on bats, hummingbirds and butterflies?

I mean, after all, those creatures are "stealing" their "intellectual property!"


Oh, wait, whats that? can't prosecute a butterfly? The bats won't show up in court? No problem, they will sue and enslave the farmers who have so flagrantly allowed cross pollination by these evil do-gooders!

Not to worry, all of the herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals will eventually kill the perpetrators of these heinous acts! Now if they could only stop the wind from blowing...



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Ken C
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RNcarl wrote: Now if they
RNcarl wrote:

Now if they could only stop the wind from blowing...



I am sure that someone somewhere is working on that. It should not be long now.


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