Crash Course Chapter 18 is done!

Friday, September 12, 2008, 7:08 PM

It's done, and ready for your viewing, uh, pleasure.

Crash Course Chapter 18 - Environmental Data 

In case you are wondering, this is probably not what you are
expecting.  Give it 60 seconds if you are thinking, "Nah, maybe not
this one..."  That's all I ask.

In case you were wondering... I put one hundred and twenty three solid hours into this chapter.

The main reason was that data is very hard to
come by in this arena. I desperately wanted to put in an EROEI for
nuclear power, but I only found claims so far apart (from inside and
outside of the industry) that I had no basis by which to judge them.  
This dynamic was even worse for the climate change data.  And so on. 

I only put in that information which I could be reasonably sure was
real.  I sincerely hope I found the best I could, but if better data
comes along, rest assured that I will recreate this chapter to
incorporate that new information.

My good buddy Erik, who helped make this possible with a generous donation, suggested that this chapter should be called "Finite Natural Resources."  I love it!  But it wrecks the Three "E"s format, so it's called "Environmental Data."

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Ch.18 and others
Hi Chris, I've known about your site for some time but just decided to go through the courses. They are all quite clear and informative; you are a good prof! I have read numerous other works on peak oil, etc, but you have integrated what seem to be the key concepts in a very helpful manner. Dmitri Orlov's recent book, much smaller and less broad in its scope is, nevertheless, both fascinating and the only book of its type that ever gave me actual nightmares. I wish that I could share your optimism. My own fear is that human greed and/or drive to power are formidable obstacles. I hope you're right and will continue to follow your work; do keep it up. Sincerely and thanks, SG
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It is really a great job to
It is really a great job to concentrate so many key concepts and data in a short presentation. Keep going! BTW, I translated the Martenson Report - Exponential Money in a Finite World into Chinesee. I will send it to you if it is useful to you. Meanwhile, I eagerly look forwar to the manuscript of the courses. Maybe they can be published part by part, just like the courses? Endless apprecation for your job! Ken

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