Crash Course Book Updates: Available Now on E-Readers, Chris Signing Books

Friday, March 4, 2011, 7:07 PM

If you own an e-reader - the long wait is over! You can purchase and download the new book version of The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future of Our Economy, Energy and Environment today. Here are links for the Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers (including desktops and smartphones).

Hard Copies

For those of you old-schoolers who prefer the feel of vellum (er, pulp, or whatever books today are made of) in your hands, your patience will soon be rewarded as well: The book hit stores on April 4th. You can now order the book on Amazon, or ask for it at your local bookstore.

Personalized Signings

And by popular demand, the author himself is now ready to take orders for those who want their own personalized, signed copy of this first edition. For a site donation of $36, Chris will sign a hardcover copy with whatever personal dedication you instruct and we'll ship it anywhere in the US. Interested readers should email us so that we can provide payment instructions and co-ordinate the signing with Chris as well as the shipping.

Please allow several weeks for delivery. Requests for shipments outside of the US will be priced on a country-specific basis.

Happy reading!


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Table of Contents & Ch. 1 Link

Part I: How to Approach the Next 20 Years

Chapter 1: The Coming Storm
Chapter 2: The Lens
Chapter 3: A World Worth Inheriting
Chapter 4: Trust Yourself

Part II: Foundation

Chapter 5: Dangerous Exponentials
Chapter 6: An Inconvenient Lie
Chapter 7: Our Money System
Chapter 8: Problems and Predicaments
Chapter 9: What Is Wealth

Part III: The Economy

Chapter 10: Debt
Chapter 11: The Great Credit Bubble
Chapter 12: Like A Moth To Flame
Chapter 13: Fuzzy Numbers
Chapter 14: Starting the Race With Our Shoes Tied Together

Part IV: Energy

Chapter 15: Energy and the Economy
Chapter 16: Peak Oil
Chapter 17: Necessary But Insufficient
Chapter 18: Why Can't Technology Fix This

Part V: Environment

Chapter 19: Minerals
Chapter 20: Soil
Chapter 21: Parched
Chapter 22: All Fished Out

Part VI: Convergence

Chapter 23: Convergence 
Chapter 24: Closing the Book On Growth
Chapter 25: Future Scenarios

Part VII: What Should I Do?

Chapter 26: The Good News
Chapter 27: What Should I Do?
Chapter 28: The Opportunities

Read Chapter 1 at 

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Slow Money

Please consider the Slow Money concept and order your book directly from Chris.  Why give Amazon and Visa your money when you can give it directly to a worthy cause like the site?  Also, please consider making your donation generously beyond that which is requested.  The value this site delivers is totally worthy!


A biased view ... dons

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Hope it hits the mainstream

First I want to congratulate Chris! I viewed his crash course back in Oct 2008 and it was such an eye-opener that it fired me up to share his perspective with my friends and family. Alas, most did not want to hear it and worse yet, thought the Crash Course was wild-eye fringe sky-is-falling nonsense.While it saddens me that so many in my circle continue to choose to live with those blinders on, I am comforted that the Crash Course and Chris's material are really getting out there...albeit, still primarily outside-the-mainstream milieu.

I hope his book finally breaks the barrier and I understand that in order to do that, you have to sell your book via the traditional booksellers - if nothing else, you need to move your book up the popularity list to get exposure. In a simpler world this would not be true but still I agree with Don and wish everyone would consider ordering directly from this site. On a personal note, I ceased buying anything from Amazon (I had no idea how difficult that would be) when they co-opted to the fascistic edicts from the US Gov and dropped Wikileaks from its cloud computing.

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New book

Just got the (updated?) Crash Couse on my ipod touch.  Nice not needing to have it shipped to Mexico.

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Slow Money

I second the motion that dps suggests!!  Everything in that post makes sense.  Why give Amazon and Visa your money when you can support the author directly?  And consider giving generously.  Wherever I can, I try to steer my business away from the big box stores and mega-corporations and give the struggling small business person in my local community a fair chance to stay voted in.

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