The Crash Course in 45 Minutes (or less)

Thursday, October 29, 2009, 9:05 AM

To commemorate our one-year anniversary, I'm pleased to announce that I am posting a free, condensed, 45-minute version of the Crash Course for your viewing enjoyment.  

The presentation it contains is part of a public talk delivered in Boulder, Colorado, this past summer filmed by Dave Gardner (who is working on a documentary called GrowthBusters, check it out - he deserves and would appreciate support for his project).

If it has been a while since you watched the Crash Course, please take the time to experience this new format.


You can watch all six parts here on this page.

We hope that this condensed version of the Crash Course will be able to traverse the web, the airwaves, and the networks of your friends and families more speedily and effectively than the original version.  In the time we spend engaged in our careers, family lives, and personal activities, it can be hard to set aside the three hours needed to take in the full version.  

We hope this shorter format will allow viewers to absorb the key concepts of the Crash Course more immediately, and that it will whet their appetites to view the full version when the opportunity presents itself.


I am also pleased to announce that the 45-minute DVD will soon be available for purchase in an elegant cardboard sleeve for a competitive price through the Marketplace on this site.  We've already mailed out free copies to our Brigade members asking them to run the talk on their local cable access stations and/or donate the discs to their local library.

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Re: The Crash Course in 45 Minutes (or less)

Awesome Chris! 

Hey, I am hoping that you or one of the Martenson Brigade members may be able to answer a question for me.  Specifically, I would like to send a copy of this new 45 minute DVD to my local PBS station for broadcast.  I think you had mentioned earlier that you wanted to support such use of this 45 minute version, so I think this is consistent with your goals.  But I am thinking PBS stations may need some kind of reassurance that they can publicly broadcast the material without infringing on your rights to the material. Will some kind of distribution statement be provided on/with the DVD to reassure them that they can broadcast the content of the DVD, to make it easier for us to get it broadcasted to our local communities?



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Re: The Crash Course in 45 Minutes (or less)

I will have to wait for the dvd since I have satellite broadband and the video is way too jerky. I have the three-disk version but I will get some of the 45 minute dvds and give them to my friends for Christmas if the price is right. Each of us should get a few and use them as stocking stuffers. Ho ho ho. Won't we be popular with our friends and family?  Still, most of them have come to expect no less from us, I'll bet. 

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Re: The Crash Course in 45 Minutes (or less)

Thank you Chris for sharing the growth busters website. I find that stuff very interesting and that no impact man documentary looks very good and I hope to share that with my family.

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Amanda V
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Re: The Crash Course in 45 Minutes (or less)

I think it is fantastic to have a 45 minute version.  It is really daunting trying to convince people to sit down for 4 hours of documentary.   I tried once and divided it in half.  So one week we had 2 hours of the crash course.  The following week when my 3 friends were due to turn up again to watch the rest, not one of my friends showed !  Doh !  Amanda no mates.    You can lead a horse to water ....

Anyway.  It is now a crash course of the crash course. 

So I am thrilled to have a shorter version - although I would have to say that friends and rellies would probably just as readily agree to watch a 1.5 to 2 hour version if it were available, and then more info would be able to be included.

So not meaning to be misunderstood as sounding ungrateful - but maybe some day a 2 hour version could be released for the sake of friends and relatives subjected to it under duress.... then they will have to watch it to the end !

I also had trouble viewing it via internet, it kept stopping to load, so will be keen to buy the DVD of it when available.

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Re: The Crash Course in 45 Minutes (or less)

This is great!

I am re=reviewing the CC here but having a bit of trouble with the energy segment, it is stopped at about 28 seconds and won't load from there.  However, it is a great format and much appreciate, I am sure the kinks will get ironed out as time goes on.



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Re: The Crash Course in 45 Minutes (or less)


This is an excellent tool for our mythbusting toolbox!  I have two local TV stations waiting to air the new version. I will also be putting the word out to local clubs that I am willing to make a presentation to their group at any time and I expect to have a good number of takers!

Thanks for all you do!


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Re: The Crash Course in 45 Minutes (or less)

Delightful to see you in action Chris!  I particularly enjoyed the distinction between problem and predicament as a lens for looking at our future.  Thanks for all of the work that you do, and for continuing to refine the message and make it more accessible.

with great respect,

Leslie Kennedy

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Amanda V
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Re: The Crash Course in 45 Minutes (or less)

Is there any way a DVD version of this could be available ????  Please Chris ????

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Re: The Crash Course in 45 Minutes (or less)

After begging my brother to watch the full Crash Course, I gave up.   Now, I've just sent the link to the "short" course to one of his sons, a jr. in high school who seems to be a bit thoughtful about the future.  FINGERS CROSSED that he will watch the short course...I told him to move to the full Course if possible.

Thanks for giving us this new shot at spreading the word...


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