Boston Seminar Plans Changed

Thursday, May 21, 2009, 3:12 PM

Plans for the upcoming Boston Crash Course: Thriving in the Future seminar have changed.

We did not receive enough early registrations to justify the intense planning required, so the Boston seminar has been canceled.

We are shifting our focus towards planning an upcoming summer event in Denver. We continue to seek the most effective ways to raise awareness, both on and offline. The experience we gained from planning the Boston seminar will be useful as we plan future events and continue to redesign the format.

To anyone who may have gotten their hopes up about the Boston seminar, you have my sincere apologies. I hope you will join me in looking ahead to future events. We will, of course, refund all registrations in full.  Please feel free to send any concerns to [email protected].

I appreciate your interest and offers of help.

Your support means a lot to me.


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Re: Boston Seminar Plans Changed

I'd love to come to Denver in the Summer. Is the plan for a longer event like in Lowesville?

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Re: Boston Seminar Plans Changed

Chris, sorry about Boston cancellation, but YAY about Denver.

Do you have dates in mind yet?


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Re: Boston Seminar Plans Changed

And here I'm moving my family from Denver up to Alaska this summer... Doh!  I really need to work on my timing .  Well maybe if I'm lucky I will happen to be in Denver for the seminar.  Regardless, even though it's a bummer the Boston event couldn't happen, it is great that you have a seminar out here in the western US.  I look forward to seeing the details and will keep my fingers crossed!

- Nickbert

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Re: Boston Seminar Plans Changed



Sincere apology has been made to those who gotten hope, people should have to understand the situation. It is significant that when you are going to conduct seminar or any similar transaction, plan  the activities that you are going to do. Same way in dealing with finance transaction will call for a proper financial planning. With the uncertainties that we had, there is a need to leverage the investment so as to avoid the losses. An alternative financial plan comes in handy during hard times. The key to financial planning or planning of any sort is to always have a backup plan in case your first idea doesn't work out.  One of the first things to do is to make sure you come in under budget every month.  Don't spend more than you earn.  (This means you, Congress!)  Try to put money away into savings, and don't add any more debt if you can help it – this means no credit cards.  Use a payday loan if you have to. An alternative financial plan that acts as debt relief and puts more money in your pocket is ideal.






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