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Monday, September 19, 2011, 12:43 PM

Over the past year, this community hasn't been shy about the improvements it would most like to see on this site. You may have noticed that we've been dropping hints over the summer about the work we've been doing behind-the-scenes this year in response to your feedback - and now things begin to get fun, because we can stop hinting and start launching.

The #1 request we receive most frequently is "More Chris!" Meaning more posts on more topics more often. Here's how we're going to deliver on that:

1) More posts from Chris

As one man, there's a limit to how much Chris can produce without compromising quality or burning out. But with recent infrastructure and staffing investments, including successfully hiring our new Content Manager (a separate announcement on that is coming soon), we think we've put in place the right system keep him at the 'efficient frontier' of his output capabilities.

What can you expect? The same conscientious analysis and observations, just more of them - for both public and enrolled members.

When will you start seeing this? Immediately (though it will take a few months and a few more to-be-announced improvements before we're operating at maximum efficiency).

2) Exclusive analysis from contributing editors

And although cloning Chris isn't an option yet (hurry up, Science...), we realize that's utimately what you want. So we're investing in the next best thing.

We have approached a small, select group of likeminded thinkers for whom we and our readers have great respect. And we've asked them to commit to writing in-depth analysis exclusive to on topics our audience cares strongly about.

We'll be rolling out this new content over the next few months - starting tomorrow with a detailed exploration of the serious fiscal and credit problems afflicting Europe, plus practical guidance should the Eurozone and its currency begin to fragment.

This analysis will be provided by our first announced contributing editor, Charles Hugh Smith, founding editor of Charles is widely respected by our readers, a very thoughtful and conscientious thinker, and a talent that Chris and I believe deserves a brighter spotlight. He'll be contributing articles across the spectrum of 'Three E' topics, though he'll have a particular focus on what local solutions in economy, commerce, and community offer the most promise for the post-Peak-Oil world.

Additional contributing editors will be announced soon. Note that, while we are working with them to determine the topics and to ensure their perspective takes our 'Three E' framework into account, we aren't dictating their thinking or conclusions. They won't always see eye-to-eye with Chris - and that's a good thing. Thoughtful, intelligent debate only advances our understanding of our shared situation. (In the instances where conclusions differ, we'll clarify our position and why.)  

What's Not To Like?

So, in short, you're going to start geting more from Chris PLUS more from those Chris respects - all exclusive to

As always, please share your feedback as we roll out this new content. We want to make sure we're delivering the value you want.

And stay tuned. The pace of additional improvements to the site experience is going to start increasing from here. 



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mobius's picture
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Joined: May 18 2009
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Great news! Kudos guys....

Great news & can't wait to read this stuff "hot off the presses" ...or off the keyboard....

thanks for proving to me that this site is the best darn investment!

Greetings, Joanne.

Travlin's picture
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Apr 15 2010
Posts: 1322

These are welcome additions, especially more from Chis.  Bravo.


SagerXX's picture
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Feb 11 2009
Posts: 2252
Fantastic news!

Great to hear we'll be seeing more from Dr. Chris, and I'm also a fan of CHS. So this is a great announcement! And huzzahs to you Adam and the support folks behind the scenes! Viva -- Sager

Jim H's picture
Jim H
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Jun 8 2009
Posts: 2391
More Chris!

Excellent.  And a side order of CHS!  Excellent also (he has been on fire recently).  Chris and CHS both are cut from the Ron Paul mold in that they live their ideals.. .they are fundamentally incorruptible.... I can't think of a higher praise in this day and age.  

goes211's picture
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Joined: Aug 18 2008
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I am a big CHS fan ever since reading Survival+.

Rector's picture
Status: Platinum Member (Offline)
Joined: Feb 7 2010
Posts: 515
Picture This

Imagine me hopping up and down while grinning stupidly and golf clapping.  That's what happens when I am really, really, excited about something.  Looking forward to all that is one its way!


Woodman's picture
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Sep 26 2008
Posts: 1028
This site is a great investment

The growth and expansion of this site the past 3 years I've been following it is terrific; a super return on my small investment.  I am curious how registrations, subscriptions, etc. have been trending.

pinecarr's picture
Status: Diamond Member (Offline)
Joined: Apr 13 2008
Posts: 2259
Great news!

That's great news, Adam!  More Chris and more CHS (love your writing too, Charles!  Glad to see more of you here!) 

Looking forward also to hear who the new CM Content Manager is.  Thanks for all your great contributions to the site,  Adam!

earthwise's picture
Status: Platinum Member (Offline)
Joined: Aug 10 2009
Posts: 848
Woodman wrote: The growth
Woodman wrote:

The growth and expansion of this site the past 3 years I've been following it is terrific; a super return on my small investment.


No $h(!!!!.   Just when I think it can't get any better......Wooooo hooooooo!


Woodman wrote:

I am curious how registrations, subscriptions, etc. have been trending.

Yeah, is this as rewarding for the admin as it is for us??  Just wonderin'....

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