What Money Means

It's important, but it's not everything
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 3:43 PM

There's no doubt that money is important. There's good reason why most of us devote a huge percentage of our lives to pursuing it.

But there's much about money that is misunderstood.

Many among the masses don't realize the intense and coordinated efforts currently being waged by central planners to trap and devalue our savings through financial repression. They're being fleeced without being aware of it -- working harder and harder for less and less.

Many others overvalue the impact money has on our happiness. They make all sorts of sacrifices in pursuit of money, but remain poor in the things that truly matter.

In our new book Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting, we examine closely what true wealth is. Yes, money absolutely plays a critical part in it; but it is only one of several pillars -- one of 8 Forms of Capital -- that we identify as required for a rich life. Good health, purposeful work, meaningful relationships, a resilient lifestyle, self-worth, a supportive community -- all of these ingredients are as important as money for overall happiness.

We wrote Prosper! as a resource that those already "awake" to these insights can use to share with family and friends who aren't yet aware of them.

And since money is a universal attention-grabber as a topic, we're making our chapter on Financial Capital available here for free -- as a means of engaging someone you care about in the discussion. We think it's one of the best digests of what happening right now with our money system:

Prosper! is available in printe-book and audio book form today. 


Adam & Chris

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Looking forward to Audible

When do you think I can get it on Audible? I have a credit waiting for it!

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Adam Taggart
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Hoping by tomorrow or Monday

Rheba -

Just talked with the publisher. While we had hoped it would already be available, they are expediting things with Audible and are hoping to have Prosper! live for downloading by tomorrow or Monday.

The moment it's available, I'll be letting everyone here on the site know.



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When Chris' post about the bees dying came out I started to feel like I was not doing enough to help save the environment.

I've answered that feeling by deciding to purchase 20 acres of farmland (what I can afford right now). I'm partnering with a sustainable farmer who is already successful. He told me that there are a lot of young people that want to get into sustainable growing as an occupation, but, of course, being young in this economy means they cannot afford to buy land. So this is a win-win situation for middle-aged people like me who already have a full-time job, but want to somehow facilitate sustainability and jobs for younger people.

It is, like the Prosper chapter on Money says, a lot easier to click a mouse and buy stocks and ETFs, but Wall Street is a casino (and a den of thieves too if you ask me). My investment in farmland will make money for me and make the world a better place at the same time. You don't get that with stocks or hedge funds.    

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Adam Taggart
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That Noise You Hear

pyranablade -

That noise you hear is Chris & I standing on our chairs applauding you

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Wildlife Tracker
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Prosperity blog


You should keep us updated on the progress of the farm. I'm going to start clearing land up in Maine in March. 10 acres for gardening, and 10 acres of sphagnum moss, fir, cedar, and other medicinal plants/products.

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Thanks Adam and WT.

It was also, of course, the posts about Singing Frogs Farm that sent me down the path I'm on. Things are in the really early stages, but when appropriate I will post updates.

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Where are we in "Ka-Poom"?

Chapter 6 describes the deflationary-inflationary (Ka-Poom) theory.  The initial "Ka" phase is a deflationary crunch which includes debt defaults, portfolio losses,  and corporate layoffs.  The second "Poom!" phase a hyperinflationary event.  The books says "we have yet to enter the Ka-Poom! phase."

Although the bubbles have not popped yet, it sure seems like we are witnessing deflation and layoffs.  At least in the mining & extractive industries.  Commodity deflation is significant, mines are closing, oil & gas workers are being laid off, Caterpillar's sales are down for almost 3 straight years, trucking/shipping companies are idling portions of their fleets...

It feels like the "Ka" phase to me.  So, what are the main criteria for identifying whether/when we actually reach it?  If it happens precipitously, are we just looking for a stock market bust?  If it happens gradually, it seems to be here already.  Thoughts? 

P.S.  Thanks for the preview of Chapter 6.  It was excellent, as expected.  I'd already ordered several hard copies and will not be disappointed, based on the preview.   Thanks!    

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I'm tempted to read the book quickly because I want to know this stuff right away, but I am going to take my time.  There are gems that I don't want to miss.  Great book !

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Sustainable farmer

pyranablade - how did you find a young farmer interested in farming your land? How do you get someone interested in putting effort into *your* land?

I have 40 acres and a 2-bedroom house (currently rented). I would love to find a long-term sustainable farmer for the property. 

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I'm not at that point yet.

In the area I'm buying land a parcel of less than 40 acres rarely hits the market. I cannot afford that much land... but the fella I'm partnering with is planning to add to his farm with a rather large purchase in which he'll somehow break off the 20 acres that I can afford.

I do have 1 piece of advice for you though: A vacant house makes the farming deal much more attractive. The sooner you can get rid of your current renters, the more appealing your land will be to people who can live and work on the same land. 

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Money matters a lot but it is

Money matters a lot but it is not everything which is desired in life. The best ingredients for the complete pleasure.

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