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Join Us for This Year's Peak Prosperity Seminar: April 25th in Rowe, MA

It's the only seminar we'll be offering this year
Friday, March 14, 2014, 6:51 PM

We're only offering one live seminar in 2014 and it's coming up.  If you haven't attended one before, you really should and this is your chance.  Here's why.

Over the years we've carefully shifted the seminar to match the times and assure that attendees get what they need to be as prepared as they can be heading into the future.

We know that chance favors the prepared, and the most important preparations you can make right now are to your frame of mind.  Some will meet the future boldly and make the most of it, others will sit back and be carried along.  The difference between the expected outcomes for both types is widening.

The area where the most people are most unprepared is for the coming wealth transfer.  We want you to be on the right side of the line when the time comes and so we'll be spending additional time this year focusing on where the opportunities (and threats) lie.

Our schedule is so busy with travel and new content development that this will be the only seminar we produce this year (we typically do two). So if it's time for you to kick your personal resiliency into a higher gear, we would love for you to join us:

"Thriving in Any Future" Seminar
Rowe Camp & Conference Center
22 Kings Highway
Rowe, Massachusetts 01367

Friday April 25 through Sunday, April 27, 2013

Presented by Chris & Becca Martenson, with Adam Taggart
Cost varies - click here for more information

Click here to register online

We have an extremely well-developed seminar model that has been honed over the years and combines teachings, breakouts, and exercises that will provide both critical insights and actionable ideas. This year will be no exception, as we'll be introducing a good amount of never-seen before material.

Specifically, this Rowe workshop offers

  • Understanding (and accepting) the wealth transfer, with active discussions of which assets will provide the best protection   
  • Skill-building exercises to develop emotional, financial, and physical resilience
  • An insider’s understanding of the Crash Course framework and techniques for sharing difficult information with others
  • Becca Martenson’s expertise in emotional resilience and helping to align spouses with their reluctant partners.
  • A personalized action plan to increase your prosperity
  • The skills needed to create a sustainable income that you own & can depend on
  • Meeting excellent people who share your views!

The connections made at these conferences have lasted between participants for years and are another significant benefit of the experience. For others, simply having the chance to engage with other highly successful people on these topics in a safe environment is worth the effort to attend.

In short, the goal of the weekend is for you to return home with peace of mind, knowing that you are equipped to meet the future head-on and prosper in it. 

To register, click this link.

We hope to see you there.


Chris, Becca, & Adam

Feedback From Past Year's Rowe Attendees

Here's a write-up from former Peak Prosperity staff member Amanda, who attended last year's seminar at Rowe:

A First-Hand Account of The Peak Prosperity Seminar

Have you ever wondered what happens at one of our Peak Prosperity weekend seminars? Every year, Chris and the Peak Prosperity team host two weekend-long retreats to explore topics related to the Crash Course, up close and personal. So what are these retreats like?

It takes an exceptional group of people to come together to discuss these kinds of topics. The people at this seminar were diverse and impressive, and this is typical at our seminars. I was humbled by the courage of several conference attendees who were at the very beginning of their journeys. Some were what we lovingly call “reluctant spouses,” and some were folks who simply heard of the conference and felt called to attend, having never even encountered our website or any of our other material. Some were seasoned members of our online community, with a few who were recognized almost as celebrities as the result of their many written posts on the site. Some were very young – like the precocious 12-year-old who came all the way from Mexico with his dad and promised us he’d use what he learned to make a difference in the world. There was an energetic young couple on the brink of post-college life. There were middle-aged parents wanting to help ensure a good world for their kids to grow into, and folks who were approaching or already in retirement and concerned about their remaining years. There were even some people there who had attended a previous conference and came back again with family members, neighbors, or friends.

Naturally, I was impressed by those who been “prepping” for years in various ways, or who are longtime activists in their communities, or who have turned their professional focus over to supporting sustainable living for others. Several attendees shared impressive stories of the ways in which they have helped to significantly increase the resilience of their communities. But I was equally impressed by those who arrived on Friday night knowing only that they yearned to make a change in their lives, not yet sure what their first step might be. By Sunday afternoon, I am quite sure those folks had a plan of action and a sense of relief in knowing that they truly are not alone on this journey.

Read her full recap here

But don't just take our word for it. Here are comments from past seminar attendees:

"I was deeply impressed with Chris, Becca, and Adam during this weekend. They have obviously put a lot of thought into the curriculum and done their own work. The exercises had an organic feel of having been worked from the inside out by them before being shared with us.

"The sense of openness, transparency in the workshop participants was immediate and, I believe, was catalyzed by the clear minds of Chris and Becca who come from a place of love not fear. I came away with a clear action plan and a deeper sense of peace in a world with imminent change upon us."   - Debra

"The opportunity to meet Chris, Becca, and Adam face to face was invaluable. An unexpected result of our time together was the opportunity to meet with other concerned individuals and share ideas.  Moving forward from the workshop I felt empowered with the knowledge that I don't have to do this alone. There is a growing community here, and we are poised to guide each other into a truly prosperous future."  - Nan

"This was my second Rowe conference with Chris and Becca.  In addition, having a reluctant spouse and being surrounded by generally closed minded family and community, being among an enlightened and enthusiastic group provided me with a huge morale boost to keep me moving in the right direction."  - Daniel

"Chris and Becca's seminar was a thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting experience. One might imagine a lot of negativity at an event on this topic, and we did discuss each other's fears and concerns, but I left feeling a great deal better about the future.  Before the seminar I felt like I had no one I could talk to about our predicament, but that isolation just melted away as we formed our own little community at the seminar."  - Jamie

"Attending the Crash Course seminar was life-changing for me.I highly recommend attending the Crash Course or related seminars to anyone who is interested in learning about the changes that are currently unfolding around the world, and how to adapt to them (even and especially those who think they already have all the information they need about this)."  - Heather

"This is an engaging, down-to-earth, and practical program. As late as it seems, we are all still "early adopters" in preparing for a very different future. That means most of our families and friends don't understand what we see coming, and it's great to be in a group of intelligent people who "get it." It's also a treat to hear Becca's story of having to help process things as a spouse, and to see how they work as a couple in the art of sharing a difficult message with the world. The delivery is as important as the content. Bravo!"  - Doug

"As to the Crash Course presentation recently delivered at Rowe, let me say I have been referring to it as perhaps the best workshop that I have ever attended.  I really found the whole experience fantastic."  - Mark

The Rowe Conference Schedule

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ezlxq1949's picture
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Posts: 291
Rowe 2014

Would it be possible to make a video recording of some or all of the sessions, for antipodeans like me who have no possibility of attending in person?

Keep up the good work! The PP team are providing a wonderful public service.

California Hills's picture
California Hills
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Joined: Aug 27 2011
Posts: 3
We attended last year

We enjoyed the conference last year.  How will it be different his year?


CleanEnergyFan's picture
Status: Silver Member (Offline)
Joined: Jan 29 2012
Posts: 112
Looking forward to reconnecting with the Peak Prosperity Family

Looking forward to seeing you Adam and Chris and Becca again.  Happy to say I have my wife coming with me this year and can’t wait for her to meet you all & Becca especially.  I had committed at last years conference (my first) to have some friends and neighbors join me this year.  Got to admit, I have kind of fallen off the wagon but plan to bring at least one friend with me (plus my wife which has been at least 2 years in the making).  Will we will get a chance to preview some of the new Crash Course material?  I also hope to finally meet some of the PP bloggers like THC0655, Jim H, Sand Puppy, DaveFairTex and lots of others…it would be GREAT if Charles Hugh Smith could make it too.  REALLY looking forward to reconnecting with the PP family...(Will Chris still be able to throw a snowball at Adam by then)?

cmartenson's picture
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Good news!

I'm really glad to hear that your wife is going to make it this year...that's very good news!  

Also looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone that shows up.

Chris M.

Bankers Slave's picture
Bankers Slave
Status: Platinum Member (Offline)
Joined: Jul 26 2012
Posts: 523
Would also

love to attend. There is nothing anywhere else that has to offer what Chris has ongoing. Unfortunately on my last visit to the US bound for Freedomfest in Vegas, the treatment at Newark airport was nothing less than outrageous!

Thanks to the massive increase in the police state I refuse to visit those shores again to submit my fingerprints and retina scans and be treated like a common criminal or suspected terrorist. No doubt that digitized information will now be in the hands of my adversaries over here in the UK.

"I did not have a nice day"angry

I know the seminar will be a roaring success. Enjoy!smiley

CleanEnergyFan's picture
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Joined: Jan 29 2012
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Hope you reconsider Rowe attendance Banker.

Banker hate to hear about your experience at the US airport. As someone who travels around the world this unfortunately is not a uniquely American experience as several other countries have adopted this practice as well.  I used to go to freedom fest as well but have decided I get more out of the peak prosperity conferences and go to those now instead. I hope you reconsider and would love to see you in a Rowe.  

Bankers Slave's picture
Bankers Slave
Status: Platinum Member (Offline)
Joined: Jul 26 2012
Posts: 523
Thanks CEF

but my morals principles ethics and freedom minded attitude prevent me from traveling to the USA. My passport has expired and I will not be submitting(bending to the will of another) an application(begging) to renew.

Best regards to all for the seminar.

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